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Stella Volturo

Junior assistant professor (fixed-term)

Department of Sociology and Business Law

Academic discipline: SPS/07 General Sociology

Short Bio

Junior Assistant Professor at the Department of Sociology and Business Law, University of Bologna since 2023. She is currently a researcher in the GRINS (Growing Resilient, Inclusive and Sustainable) project, with a specific focus on social sustainability. Her recent research topics include the study of the social impact of the ecological crisis and the policies to cope with it, with a focus on the role of social work in transition processes. At the same time, she is involved in the theoretical analysis of contemporary forms of sociality and the evolution of the social bond, adopting an analytical perspective that draws on classical concepts and seeks links with the most recent sociological theories.

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Dipartimento di Sociologia e Diritto dell'Economia
Piazzale della Vittoria 15, Forlì - Go to map

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Dal 20 settembre al 10 novembre il ricevimento si tiene il venerdì in studio 1F dalle 11 alle 12:30. 

E' possibile, previo appuntamento tramite mail, svolgere un ricevimento online sulla piattaforma TEAMS. 

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