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Stefano Francaviglia

Full Professor

Department of Mathematics

Academic discipline: MAT/03 Geometry


Keywords: hyperbolic topology outer space representation manifold currents fundamental group triangulation low dimension harmonic measure geometry dynamical systems

Geometry and topology of low-dimensioal manifolds. geometric group theory. dymanical systems and holomorphic foliations

Low dimensional Geometry and Topology:
Hyperbolic manifolds in dimension 2,3,4. Deformation spaces of structures (Teichmuller, character variety, etc...) Rigidity. Study of new examples of hyperbolic 4-manifolds. CAT(0)-spaces, limits and asymptotic bahaviors. Coarse Geometry.

Geometric Group Theory:
Automorphisms and currents on free groups. Study of the so-called Outer Space of free groups, metric properties and isometries. Decision problems on free and hyperbolic groups.

Dynamical Systems and Holomorphic Foliations:
Study of monodromies oh holomorphic foliations on products SxCP1. Singular Projective Structures.

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