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Stefania Toselli

Full Professor

Department for Life Quality Studies

Academic discipline: BIO/08 Anthropology

Director of Second Cycle Degree in Sciences and Techniques of Sports Activities


Keywords: anthropometric assessment body composition health status children adolescents growth ageing athletes

The main field of research is represented by human biology, considering both adults and subjects during growth. In particular, the considered aspects regard auxology, secular trend, weight status, body composition (both considering methodological aspects, than those relate with the study of its variability in the different populations), somatotype, and body image, with specific reference to environmental and physical activity influence.

The studies have been carried out on different populations, among them immigrants (Italian, from Central Asia, Quechua, Chinese, the immigrants population in Bologna). The interest is aimed to the different environmental conditions in which these populations live, to the environmental stress (rural and urban environment, high altitude, change of life-style, etc..) and to sport practice. At this purpose numerous studies have been carried out on sport elite athletes (artistic and rythmic gymnasts), or on young athletes (rugby).

The results of the research activities have been presented in several international and national scientific meetings and published in international and national scientific reviews.