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Dipartimento di Scienze Mediche e Chirurgiche


Righini, Hillary; Somma, Annalisa; Cetrullo, Silvia; D’Adamo, Stefania; Flamigni, Flavio; Quintana, Antera Martel; Roberti, Roberta, Inhibitory activity of aqueous extracts from Anabaena minutissima, Ecklonia maxima and Jania adhaerens on the cucumber powdery mildew pathogen in vitro and in vivo, «JOURNAL OF APPLIED PHYCOLOGY», 2020, 32, pp. 3363 - 3375 [articolo]

Cetrullo, Silvia; D'Adamo, Stefania; Panichi, Veronica; Borzì, Rosa Maria; Pignatti, Carla; Flamigni, Flavio, Modulation of Fatty Acid-Related Genes in the Response of H9c2 Cardiac Cells to Palmitate and n-3 Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids, «CELLS», 2020, 9, pp. 1 - 17 [articolo]Open Access

Stefania D’Adamo, Silvia Cetrullo, Veronica Panichi, Erminia Mariani, Flavio Flamigni, Rosa Maria Borzì, Nutraceutical Activity in Osteoarthritis Biology: A Focus on the Nutrigenomic Role, «CELLS», 2020, 9, pp. 1 - 24 [articolo]Open Access

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Stefania D'Adamo, Silvia Cetrullo, Serena Guidotti, Ylenia Silvestri, Manuela Minguzzi, Spartaco Santi, Luca Cattini, Giuseppe Filardo, Flavio Flamigni, Rosa Maria Borzì, Spermidine rescues the deregulated autophagic response to oxidative stress of osteoarthritic chondrocytes, «FREE RADICAL BIOLOGY & MEDICINE», 2020, 153, pp. 159 - 172 [articolo]Open Access

D'Adamo, Stefania; Cetrullo, Silvia; Borzì, Rosa Maria; Flamigni, Flavio, Effect of oxidative stress and 3-hydroxytyrosol on DNA methylation levels of miR-9 promoters, «JOURNAL OF CELLULAR AND MOLECULAR MEDICINE», 2019, 23, pp. 7885 - 7889 [articolo]Open Access

Silvia Cetrullo, Stefania D’Adamo, Veronica Panichi, Rosa Maria Borzì, Carla Pignatti, Flavio Flamigni, PALMITIC ACID AND N-3 POLYUNSATURATED FATTY ACID SUPPLEMENTATION IN CARDIAC CELLS: GENE REGULATION AND EPIGENETICS IN CELL SURVIVAL AND HYPERTROPHY, in: SIB 2019 60th CONGRESS - BOOK OF ABSTRACTS, Lecce, 2019, pp. 62 - 62 (atti di: SIB 2019 60th CONGRESS, Lecce, September 18 – 20, 2019) [atti di convegno-abstract]

Minguzzi M.; Guidotti S.; Platano D.; D'Adamo S.; Cetrullo S.; Assirelli E.; Santi S.; Mariani E.; Trisolino G.; Filardo G.; Flamigni F.; Borzi R.M., Polyamine supplementation reduces DNA damage in adipose stem cells cultured in 3-D, «SCIENTIFIC REPORTS», 2019, 9, pp. 1 - 13 [articolo]Open Access

Borzì, Rosa Maria*; Cetrullo, Silvia; D’Adamo, Stefania; Minguzzi, Manuela; Flamigni, Flavio, “Spermidine restores dysregulated autophagy and polyamine synthesis in aged and osteoarthritic chondrocytes via EP300”, «EXPERIMENTAL AND MOLECULAR MEDICINE», 2019, 51, pp. 1 - 2 [replica/breve intervento]

Silvestri, Y.; D'Adamo, S.; Cetrullo, S.; Minguzzi, M.; Guidotti, S.; Filardo, G.; Mariani, E.; Borzì, R.; Flamigni, F., Chondroprotective and anti-oxidant activity of spermidine in human chondrocytes, in: OARSI, 2018 OARSI World Congress on Osteoarthritis Promoting Clinical and Basic Research in Osteoarthritis, OXFORD, ELSEVIER SCI LTD, «OSTEOARTHRITIS AND CARTILAGE», 2018, 26, pp. S343 - S343 (atti di: OARSI World Congress on Osteoarthritis - Promoting Clinical and Basic Research in Osteoarthritis, Liverpool, ENGLAND, April 26-29, 2018) [atti di convegno-abstract]

Koen Raedschelders, Steven An, Natasha Zachara, Silvia Cetrullo, Stefania D’Adamo, Flavio Flamigni, Jennifer Van Eyk, David Graham, Giulio Agnetti, Desmin aggregation and OGlcNacylation in ischemia reperfusion injury, in: Acts of the Gordon Research Conference on Intermediate Filaments, 2018, pp. 10 - 10 (atti di: Gordon Research Conference on Intermediate Filaments, Barga, Italy, 24/06/2018) [Contributo in Atti di convegno]

Minguzzi, Manuela; Cetrullo, Silvia; D’Adamo, Stefania; Silvestri, Ylenia; Flamigni, Flavio; Borzì, Rosa Maria, Emerging Players at the Intersection of Chondrocyte Loss of Maturational Arrest, Oxidative Stress, Senescence and Low-Grade Inflammation in Osteoarthritis, «OXIDATIVE MEDICINE AND CELLULAR LONGEVITY», 2018, 2018, pp. 1 - 17 [articolo]Open Access

Stefania D’Adamo, S Cetrullo, Y Silvestri, M Minguzzi, RM Borzì, F Flamigni, Hydroxytyrosol attenuates the hypomethylation of miR-9 promoters induced by oxidative stress, in: XV FISV CONGRESS • Rome, Italy - September 18-21, 2018, 2018, pp. 220 - 220 (atti di: XV FISV CONGRESS, Roma, 18-21/09/2018) [atti di convegno-abstract]

Stefania D’Adamo; Silvia Cetrullo; Flavio Flamigni, Eating well for healthy joints, «JOURNAL OF PATHOBIOLOGY AND PHYSIOLOGY», 2017, 1, pp. 1 - 2 [replica/breve intervento]

D’Adamo, Stefania; Cetrullo, Silvia; Silvestri, Ylenia; Borzì, Rosa Maria; Flamigni, Flavio, Emerging nutraceuticals in the management of osteoarthritis: focus on 3-hydroxytyrosol in epigenetics and autophagy pathway, in: Joint event. 13th International Congress on Advances in Natural Medicines, Nutraceuticals & Neurocognition & 14th International Conference on Clinical Nutrition, «JOURNAL OF NUTRITIONAL DISORDERS & THERAPY», 2017, 07, pp. 56 - 56 (atti di: 13th International Congress on Advances in Natural Medicines, Nutraceuticals & Neurocognition, Rome, Italy, July 27-28, 2017) [atti di convegno-abstract]

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