Foto del docente

Sofia Pescarin

Adjunct professor

Department of Classical Philology and Italian Studies


Daga, Enrico; Asprino, Luigi; Damiano, Rossana; Daquino, Marilena; Agudo, Belen Diaz; Gangemi, Aldo; Kuflik, Tsvi; Lieto, Antonio; Maguire, Mark; Marras, Anna Maria; Pandiani, Delfina Martinez; Mulholland, Paul; Peroni, Silvio; Pescarin, Sofia; Wecker, Alan, Integrating Citizen Experiences in Cultural Heritage Archives: Requirements, State of the Art, and Challenges, «ACM JOURNAL ON COMPUTING AND CULTURAL HERITAGE», 2022, 15, pp. 1 - 35 [Scientific article]Open Access

Mulholland, Paul; Daga, Enrico; Daquino, Marilena; Díaz-Kommonen, Lily; Gangemi, Aldo; Kulfik, Tsvi; Wecker, Alan J.; Maguire, Mark; Peroni, Silvio; Pescarin, Sofia, Enabling Multiple Voices in the Museum: Challenges and Approaches, «DIGITAL CULTURE & SOCIETY», 2020, 6, pp. 259 - 266 [Scientific article]Open Access

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