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Simona Tondelli

Full Professor

Department of Architecture

Academic discipline: ICAR/20 Urban and Regional Planning

Deputy Rector

Dean of Centro di Ateneo per la tutela e promozione della salute e sicurezza: a) servizio per la salute e la sicurezza delle persone nei luoghi di lavoro b) servizio per il benessere animale nelle strutture didattiche e scientifiche dell'Ateneo

Responsabile of Servizio per la salute e la sicurezza delle persone nei luoghi di lavoro


Keywords: urban and rural regeneration strategic environmental assessement Cultural and natural heritage Eco-Industrial Parks urban and spatial planning sustainable mobility sustainable urban development

Strategies and techniques for urban regeneration:

  • Public spaces revitalization
  • Sustainable urban densification /compact city
  • Methods for assessing the performances of the built environment (buildings and infrastructures)
  • Land take reduction
  • Climate adaptation and mitigation

Rural regeneration:

  • Cultural heritage as a driver for rural regeneration
  • Landscape assessment
  • Ecosystem services and Cultural Ecosystem Services evaluation

Low carbon mobility: Strategies for promoting low carbon mobility solutions and for improving sustainable urban transport and cities accessibility and liveability

  • External costs of transport and land equalisation
  • Multimodality as a strategy for promoting sustainable mobility
  • Strategies and techniques for promoting pedestrian mobility
  • Cycling mobility innovations


Resilient, healthy and sustainable cities: Definition of new solutions and strategies for enhancing cities integrity, environmental and social health and resilience through the improvement and the management of environmental resources at the building and neighbourhood scale

  • Circular city model into practice: materials and system for reducing C&D waste, shared mobility, optimal use of underused spaces, urban agriculture, etc.
  • Integration and management of green infrastructures and nature-based solutions in urban environment and their use for increasing resilience and urban health
  • Planning standard revision: performances of the city

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