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Silvia Moscatelli

Associate Professor

Department of Psychology "Renzo Canestrari"

Academic discipline: M-PSI/05 Social Psychology


Keywords: Gender bias Tolerance of sexual harassment: antecedents and consequences Relations between host society and immigrants Attitudes towards medical assisted procreation Consequences of "phubbing" Attitudes towards collective movements (e.g., Fridays for future, #MeToo))

1) Gender bias.

-Investigation of the antecedents of inequalities (in personnel selection, in career advancement, in salaries) between women and men

- "Perfection bias": Do women are required to fulfill higher standards on a wider range of evaluation criteria (competence, relational abilities, morality, ecc.)?

- Predictors of support for collective movement for gender equality

2) Tolerance of sexual harassment: Antecedents and consequences

- Role of internalized sexualization and sexualized gender stereotypes among women and men

- Predictors of support for collective movements in favor of sexual abus victims: the #MeToo movement

- Participation to online actions and movements against sexual harassment: possible repercussions on offline actions

3) Relations between host society and immigrants

- Consequences of "hate speech" against immigrants

4) Attitudes towards medical-assisted procreation.

- Relationships among religiosity, perceived immorality of medical-assisted procreation, attribution of efficacy on attitudes towards medical treatment of infertility

- Attitudes towards women and men who recur to homologous and heterologous fecondation

5) Conseguenze of "phubbing" (phone and snubbing).

- Consequences of social esclusion due to phone-related activities during social interactions for both the phubber and the interaction partner: social isolation, decreased well-being, etc.

6) Attitudes towards collective movements (e.g., Fridays for future, #MeToo)

- Antecedents and moderators of attitudes towards collective movements such as Fridays for future or #MeToo.

- Repercussions of the emergence of collective movements as well as of participation to the movements, through online or offline actions.