Foto del docente

Silvia Gobbi

Associate Professor

Department of Pharmacy and Biotechnology

Academic discipline: CHIM/08 Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Curriculum vitae


Degree in Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Technologies       1994    University of Bologna

PhD (Pharmaceutical Sciences)                                        1998    University of Bologna

Research fellow     1996 LACDR-Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

Post-doctoral grant for abroad training period      1998-1999 Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam


Professional Experience:

Assistant Professor, Medicinal Chemistry     1999-2014        University of Bologna

Associate Professor, Medicinal Chemistry     2014-present    University of Bologna


Research Interests:

Design and synthesis of small bioactive molecules, mainly oxygenated heterocycles related to flavonoids, as drug candidates for the treatment of tumours (flavone-8-acetic acid derivatives, MDR modulators, aromatase inhibitors), cardiovascular (DHPs, aldosterone synthase inhibitors) and neurodegenerative diseases (Alzheimer’s Disease). These natural products related scaffolds, in particular flavone and xanthone, can be considered as privileged structures on which to introduce appropriate patterns of substitutions in order to reach diverse biological targets. With the aim of tackling the complex nature of multifactorial diseases with molecules that can simultaneously interact with different biological counterparts, the multitarget approach is also applied.


Research projects:

PRIN 1997 – Synthesis and antitumor activity of imidazole and indole derivatives and tamoxifene analogues. Area 03 – Chemical Sciences. Duration 24 months.

PRIN 2002 – Apoptosis, flavonoids and CDK: design, synthesis end biological evaluation of novel antitumor agents. Area 03 - Chemical Sciences. Duration 24 months.

PRIN 2004 – Novel antiproliferative agents related to natural and synthetic prototypes. Area 03 - Chemical Sciences. Duration 24 months.

PRIN 2006 – Novel molecules and computational studies for the discovery of antitumor agents interfering with cell cycle control. Area 03 - Chemical Sciences. Duration 24 months.

PRIN 2009 – Ligand-based design and synthesis of novel molecules for the discovery of antitumor agents active as cell cycle modulators. Area 03 - Chemical Sciences. Duration 24 months.

PRIN 2022 - Development of HYbrid and Multifunctional Bio-conjugates against Alzheimer’s Disease (HYMBAD). Area 03 - Chemical Sciences. Duration 24 months.


Professional Society Memberships:

Società Chimica Italiana, SCI - Division of Medicinal Chemistry


Service Activities:

2003-2009         Secretariat for the Course of Quality control for health products – Rimini Campus

2013-2016         Secretariat for the Course of Pharmacy - Rimini Campus

2012-2022      Member of the Web Site Committee of the Department of Pharmacy and Biotechnology

2019-present     Member of the Teachers-students joint commission of the Department of Pharmacy       and Biotechnology

2013-present  Secretariat for the Course of Pharmaceutical Chemistry And Technology


Teaching Activities


From 2018/19 Drug Analysis II (Pharmacy)

From 2014/15 Drug Analisis I (CTF)


2001/02                      Laboratory Course of Drug Extraction and Synthesis (CTF)

2002/03                      Drug Analysis I (CTF)

2003/04-2007/08       Pharmaceutical Analysis I (Rimini Campus)

2005/06-2008/09 seminars for the course of Pharmaceutical chemistry and toxicology I for the Specialisation school in hospital pharmacy

2008/09-2019-20        Drug Analysis II (Pharmacy, Rimini Campus)

2014/15-2017/18       Drug Analisis I-qualitative analysis (Pharmacy, Rimini Campus)


Tutoring activities

Since 1999  tutor or co-tutor of several degree thesis for students of Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Technologies and Pharmacy.

2017-2020 tutor of PhD student in 'Scienze biotecnologiche, biocomputazionali, farmaceutiche e farmacologiche' (XXXIII ciclo), University of Bologna.


Editorial, Refereeing and Reviewing Activities:

Referee for several international scientific journals, among which Journal of Medicinal Chemistry, European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry, Bioorganic Medicinal Chemistry.