Foto del docente

Silvana Hrelia

Full Professor

Department for Life Quality Studies

Academic discipline: BIO/10 Biochemistry

Director of Second Cycle Degree in Human Nutrition, Well-Being And Health

Curriculum vitae

Chemistry degree, University of Bologna, Ph.D. in Biochemistry, University of Bologna.


Full Professor of Biochemistry, SSD BIO/10 at the former School of Pharmacy, Biotechnology and Sport Sciences 

She teaches in numerous courses at the Faculty of Pharmacy (Biochemistry, Applied Biochemistry, Nutritional Biochemistry, Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points, Applied Nutraceutical), University of Bologna. Teaching activity in Specializing Schools: 2000/2001-2003/2004 Toxicology and 2003/2004-2013/2014 Hospital Pharmacy (University of Bologna).

She teached in the PhD Programm in Biochemistry (XXII-XXIV Cycle), Biochemical and Biotechnological Sciences (XXVI-XXVIII Cycle), and Pharmacological, Toxicological, Developmental and Human Movement Sciences (XXIX-XXXII Cycle), Science and Culture of Well Being and Life Style (XXXIII-XXXVI Cycle), Future Earth, Climate Change and Societal Challenges (XXXVII-XXXVIII Cycle).

She was the Director of the Master Course in Safety in Human Nutrition (2005/2006-2006/2007) and the Director of the Master Course in Development and Management of Products for Human Health. She was the Director of the Postgraduate vocational training course in Nutrition and Physical Activity - University of Bologna (2006/2007-2008/2009). She is the Director of the Master Course in " Nutritional supplements and Nutraceuticals: Health, safety and marketing" (2013/2014) and "Nutraceuticals, Phytochemicals and Nutritional Supplements" (2014/2015-2022/2023) .

She has made the training of graduate students a high priority and has graduated over 60 MSc and PhD candidates in her career.
2001-2003 Member of the Equal Opportunities Commission of the University of Bologna.
2003-2012 President of the Teaching Activities Committee of the Faculty of Pharmacy.
2003-2012 participant, on behalf of the Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy, of the Permanent Committee with advisory functions on Teaching Activities of the University of Bologna. 2011-2012 member of The Quality Assurance Committee of the University of Bologna

2016-2019 Member of the Quality Assurance Committee of the University of Bologna

2021- Coordinator Master Degree Nutrition, Wellbeing and Health

Provided broad scientific perspective for collaboration with numerous academic and company laboratories. The main research fields are cellular biochemistry and nutritional biochemistry.

Author of more than 190 peer reviewed full papers and book chapters and more than 200 abstracts.

She is founded by the Italian Ministry of University and Research (MIUR, PRIN-COFIN, FIRB), The Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry (MIPAF), The Ministry of Economic Development, the National Research Council (CNR), the University of Bologna, The European Commission (7th Framework Programme, Horizon 2020, ERASMUS+), AFM Telethon and by private national companies.

Italian Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Society (SIB), Italian Alcohology Society (SIA), Italian Cardiovascular Research Society (SIRC), Italian Nutraceutical Society, European Federation for the Science and Technology of Lipids (EuroFedLip). Coordinator of the Nutritional and Environmental Biochemistry Group of the Italian Society of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. member of the Board of the Italian Society of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. Member of the Scientific Committee of the italian Nutraceutical Society (SiNut).

Large scientific and administrative experience in local and national meeting organization.

She has performed reviewer activity for the following Journals:
Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology, Biochimica et Biophysica Acta, Life Sciences, Biochemical Pharmacology, BioTechniques, Biomacromolecules, Alcohol and Alcoholism, British Journal of Nutrition, Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, Rejuvenation Research, Neurotoxicity Research; Perspectives in Agriculture, Veterinary Sciences, Nutrition and Natural Resources; Mediators of Inflammation, BioFactors, Food and Chemical Toxicology, Evidence Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine, PlosOne.

International reviewer for research projects of the Federal Republic of Serbia. Reviewer for the Italian Ministry of University and Research (MIUR, FIRB and CIVR), for Regione Piemonte (Italy) and University of Milan research projects.

2007- Member of the Board of Italian Technological Platform "Food for Life" - pillar "Food and Health".

2011-Member of the Working Group and Key Thrust 1 "Improving health, well being and longevity" of the European Technology Platform Food for Life.

National Academy of Agriculture- Member of the Board

National Academy od Science- "Accademico corrispondente"