Foto del docente

Sara Garofalo

Senior assistant professor (fixed-term)


Academic discipline: M-PSI/03 Psychometrics


Keywords: Psychometrics Statistics Data Analysis Neuroscience

I am post-doctoral researcher in psychometrics and data analysis, with a specific expertise in the field of neuroscience. I use advanced statistical approaches - such as, Bayesian models, estimation, informative hypothesis, meta-analysis - to investigate human brain and behavior.

My research mainly focuses on how external reward-associated cues can influence decision-making and modulate neural activity in healthy and unhealthy participants. Furthermore, I am interested in understanding whether eye-movement deficits can be considered as an effective biomarker of schizophrenia.

I think that many activities beyond research are a crucial part of scientific development.
So, within the academic world, I am quite active in mentoring students, lab management, peer-reviewing for international journals, and contributing to international conferences as organizer and speaker.
But, most importantly, I believe in the importance of public awareness of science, to which I contribute by organizing outreach activities, writing books and articles, and creating media content for the general public.