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Sara Bagassi

Assistant professor

Department of Industrial Engineering

Academic discipline: ING-IND/04 Aerospace Structures and Design

Curriculum vitae

Dr. Sara Bagassi's research interest is focused on HCI (Human Computer Interfaces) study, with particular attention on their evolution connected to the growing complexity of the systems they allow to interact with. The research activities have been mainly carried out within the Virtual Reality and Simulation Lab of the University of Bologna where an intense activity aiming at experimenting innovative interfaces for complex systems control is performed. The main applications targeted in these studies are Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and Air Traffic Systems.

During the three years PhD, Dr. Sara Bagassi addressed the theme of innovative man-machine interfaces for the Air Traffic Management, coming to the realization of a few Air Traffic Control Interface prototypes based on 3D synthetic environments visualized through stereoscopic techniques.

Since 2007, Dr Sara Bagassi cooperated with the Lab team for the development of research programs in the fields of modelling and simulation of air traffic scenarios, both at national and European level. Specifically, she has contributed to the definition and planning of University of Bologna activities within the two FP7 programs ALICIA (ALl condition operations and Innovative Cockpit InfrAstructure) and JTI Clean Sky GRA (Green Regional Aircraft). Being the contact point for GRA, she is in charge of the coordination with the project leader, Alenia Aeronautica, for both technical and project management aspects. She is responsible of the University of Bologna activities within the research program FOAM (FOAM for Active Debris Removal) funded by EADS Astrium.

In that time-frame Dr Sara Bagassi attended several international conferences, presenting papers describing the results obtained in ATM scenarios simulation, flight data visualization and flight routes optimization. Moreover, within the Virtual Reality and Simulation lab, she extended her interest to further research streams, collateral to the main one, such as the exploitation of time compression technologies (namely virtual reality, rapid prototyping and reverse engineering) in some industrial applications and the conceptual design of innovative air vehicles, with particular interest in variable geometry vehicles.

The results of the above mentioned research activities have been published in 27 papers on international journals and international conference proceedings (ISBN coded) in the timeframe 2006-2014.

Since 2007, Dr. Sara Bagassi was lecturer at the University of Bologna for the following courses: Technical Drawings, Aerospace Technical Drawings, Aeronautical Structure Design. From 2009 to 2012 she was adjunct professor at the same University for the course of Aeronautical Structure Design, covering a module of 3 ECTS per year.

Since 2012 she has been Assistant Professor at the University of Bologna for the following courses: "Aerospace Technology and Materials" and "Aeronautical Structure Design".

She supervised, as either advisor or co-advisor, 16 students preparing their BSc or MSc thesis at the University of Bologna. She is currently supervising as co-advisor two PhD students on Human Machine Interaction for Industrial Applications.

Since 2013 Dr. Sara Bagassi is member of Specialists' Committee on Aircraft Design of CEAS (Council of European Aerospace Societies).

Since 2010, she was independent external evaluator for the European Commission.


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