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Sandro Mezzadra

Associate Professor

Department of the Arts

Academic discipline: SPS/01 Political Philosophy

Curriculum vitae

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Curriculum Vitae 2015



Personal Details


Name: Sandro Mezzadra

Title: Dr.

Position: Associate Professor

Date of birth: 22nd June 1963

Contact Address: Dipartimento di Scienze Politiche e Sociali

Strada Maggiore 45

40125 Bologna


Telephone (work) +39 051 2092548

Fax +39 051 239548





Education and Professional Qualifications


University of Turin, PhD History of Political Thought and Institutions (1993)

University of Bologna, Laurea in Scienze Politiche, 110/110 cum laude (BA Hons, Political Science) (1989)

University of Genoa, Laurea in Filosofia, 110/100 cum laude (BA Hons, Philosophy) (1985)


Fellowships, Scholarships, Visiting Professorships


Visiting Fellow , Franklin Humanities Institute (FHI) and the Program in Literature, Duke University, Durham, NC, January 2015.

Visiting Professor , Universidad Nacional de San Martín (UNSAM), Buenos Aires, Programa Lectura Mundi – IDAES (Institute for advanced studies), October – November 2014.

Visiting Professor , Universidad Nacional de San Martín (UNSAM), Buenos Aires, Programa Lectura Mundi, October – November 2013.

Visiting Professor , Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Ljubljana, December 2010 and May 2013.

Visiting Fellow , Franklin Humanities Institute (FHI) and the Program in Literature, Duke University, Durham, NC, November 2010.

Research Fellow , Programme International d'Études Avancées (PIEA) de la Fondation Maison des sciences de l'homme (Paris) – Columbia Institute for Scholars at Reid Hall, joint research project “Conflicts, Claims, Law and Constitution-Building” (2009).

Visiting Fellow , University of Western Sydney, Centre for Cultural Research, Eminent Research Visitors Scheme (2006-2008).

Research Scholarship funded by the University of Bologna – CUNY (2003)

Research Scholarship – Max Planck Gesellschaft für Rechtsgeschichte, Frankfurt a.M (1999)

Research Scholarship – Alexander von Humboldt Stiftung, Humboldt Universität zu Berlin (1997-1998)

Post-doctoral Fellowship – University of Turin, Department of Political Studies (1994-1996)


Academic positions

Scientific qualification as Full Professor of Political Philosophy (National Italian procedure), 2013-2019.

Adjunct Fellow,  2012 – present, Institute for Culture and Society, University of Western Sydney.

Associate Professor of Political Philosophy, 2012 – present, Department of Political and Social Sciences, University of Bologna. Courses taught: “Frontiers of Citizenship”, “Political Philosophy”.

Associate Professor of History of Political Thought, 2007 – 2012, Department of Politics, Institutions, History, University of Bologna. Courses taught: “Frontiers of Citizenship”, “Colonial and Postocolonial Studies”.

Senior Lecturer in History of Political Thought , 1999 – 2007, Department of Politics, Institutions, History, University of Bologna. Courses taught: “History of Contemporary Political Thought”, “Frontiers of Citizenship”, “Colonial and Postocolonial Studies”.

In charge for internationalization, Department of Politics.

Visiting Professor , 1999-2008, University of Bologna, Buenos Aires campus.

Course taught: “Western Europe since 1945: Citizenship Models and Political development”.

Lecturer , 1996-1997, Department of Sociology, University of Genoa.

Course taught: “Cultural Sociology”.


Experience of international PhD supervising and/or examining

2004 University of Utrecht (PhD candidate Rutvica Andrijasevic; title of the dissertation: Trafficking in Women and the Politics of Mobility in Europe )

2006 University of Frankfurt (PhD candidate: Manuela Bojadzjev; title of the dissertation: Die windige Internazionale. Rassismus und Kämpfe der Migration )

2011 University of Paris Diderot – Paris 7 (PhD candidate: Matthieu Renault; title of the dissertation: Frantz Fanon et les langages décoloniaux. Contribution à une généalogie de la critique postcoloniale ).

2011 University of Sevilla Pablo de Olavide (PhD candidate: Edileny Tomé da Mata; title of the dissertation: La efectividad de los derechos sociolaborales de los inmigrantes negroafricanos en Andalucia )

2011 University of Buenos Aires (PhD candidate: Veronica Gago; title of the dissertation: Mutaciones en el trabajo en la argentina post 2001: entre la feminización y el trabajo esclavo)

2012 Macquarie University, Sydney (PhD candidate Olivia Hamilton; title of the dissertation: Another('s) Rome: Difference and Belonging in a Twenty-first Century City ).


2013 Goldsmiths College, University of London (PhD candidate: Marina Tazzioli; title of the dissertation: Countermapping Migration Governmentality. Arab Uprisings and Practices of Migration Across the Mediterranean ).


2014 Université libre de Bruxelles/LUISS Guido Carli; GEM PhD School, Erasmus Mundus Joint Doctorate, Globalisation, the EU & Multilateralism (PhD candidate Chenchen Zhang; title of the dissertation: Territory, Rights and Mobility: Theorising the Citizenship/Migration Nexus in the Context of Europeanization ).




Goldsmiths College, University of London, Department of Sociology – application for the post of Professor/Reader of Sociology. Short-listed (interviews held on June 26th, 2006).

Goldsmiths College, University of London, Centre for Cultural Studies – application for the post of Professor of Cultural Studies. Short-listed (interviews held on February 27th, 2006).


Editorial positions


2014: member of the editorial review of the series «Frontiers of the Political», Rowman & Littlefield International.

2013 – present: member of the Editorial Board of Cultural Studies .

2013 – present: member of global advisory board of the series Pivot. Breaking the Boundaries of Traditional Scholarly Communication – Politics and Mobility (Palgrave)

2012 – present: member of editorial board of International Political Sociology (published by Wiley-Blackwell)

2012 – present: member of editorial board of Materiali foucaultiani

2009 – present: member of editorial board, Traces. A Multilingual Series of Cultural Theory and Translation (Ithaca, NY – Hong Kong).

2008 – present: international contributing editor, Interventions: The International Journal of Postcolonial Studies (published by Routledge).

2008 – 2012: member of editorial board, Subjectivity (published by Palgrave MacMillan).

2004 – present: member of board of directors, Studi culturali (Bologna)

2003 – present: member of editorial board, Scienza & Politica (Bologna)

2004 – 2002: directing editor, DeriveApprodi (Roma)

2002 – 2000: member of editorial board, Il mulino (Bologna)

1987 – present: member of editorial board, Filosofia politica (Bologna)



Academic and Scientific Associations


-   Centre for Postcolonial Studies, Goldsmiths, University of London, member of the International Advisory Board

-     Deutsche Gesellschaft zur Erforscung des politischen Denkens

-     Hugo Preuss Gesellschaft (Vorstand)

-     Associazione italiana storici delle dottrine politiche

-       Center for the Study of Invention and Social Process (CSISP) – Goldsmiths University, London

-       Institute for International Studies, University of Technology, Sydney, Contesting Euro Visions project key partner

-       Calcutta Research Group – International Advisory Committee

-       International Studies Association, ISA (member)

-       Association des Amis de la FMSH


Language skills

Active knowledge: Italian (mother tongue), English, German, Spanish

Reading knowledge: French.





European Grants


2012-2014: MIGPRO (Beyond Cinicism and Bare Life: Practices of Citizenship Against Migrants' Inclusive Exclusion), FP7-PEOPLE. Sandro Mezzadra is the coordinator of the project.


2011-2014: OECUMENE (Citizenship after Orientalism), European Research Council (ERC) Advanced Grant (Institutions, values, beliefs and behaviour ERC-AG-SH2). Principal investigator: Engin Isin (Open University, Milton Keynes, UK). Sandro Mezzadra is a member of the Advisory Board.


2010-2013: MIG@NET (Transnational Digital Networks, Migration and Gender), FP7. Coordinator: Panteion University, Athens. Sandro Mezzadra coordinates the Bologna research unit (funding: ca. 140.000 euros).


2008-2011: GeMIC (Gender, Migration, and Intercultural Interactions in the Mediterranean and South East Europe: an interdisciplinary perspective), FP7. Coordinator: Panteion University, Athens. Sandro Mezzadra coordinates the Bologna research unit (funding: ca. 130.000 euros).


2007-2010: ATACD (A Topological Approach to Cultural Dynamics), FP6. Coordinator: Goldsmiths College, University of London. Sandro Mezzadra coordinates the Bologna research unit (funding: ca. 10.000 euros).


International Projects


2013-2016: Logistics as Global Governance: Labour, Software and Infrastructure along the New Silk Road, Discovery project funded by the Australian Research Council. Sandro Mezzadra is partner investigator.


Belonging Differently, Task force established by the Canadian Institute for Advanced Research (CIFAR). Sandro Mezzadra is a member since its establishment in 2011.


2009-2012: Transit Labor. Creative Labour and Social Mobilities in the Asian Century, Discovery project funded by the Australian Research Council. Sandro Mezzadra is partner investigator.




Selected conferences and seminars (2009-2014)



April 3rd 2009, Borderscapes of Differential Inclusion , paper presented at the international conference «Reconceptualizing Migration: Economies, Societies and Bio-Politics», Committee on Global Thought, Columbia University, New York.


December 3rd 2009, Postcolonial Capitalism. A Materialist Turn in Postcolonial Studies? , paper presented at the Ecole des Haute Etudes en Sciences Sociales, Paris, «L'anthropologie entre primitivisme et postcolonialisme», Séminaire dirigée par Jean-Loup Amselle et Matthieu Renault.


December 8th 2009, A Traveling Theory. Michel Foucault and Postcolonial Studies , paper presented at the Ecole des Haute Etudes en Sciences Sociales, Paris, «Michel Foucault au travail», Séminaire dirigée par Judith Revel et autres.


March 12th 2010, How Many Histories of Labor ? Towards a Theory of Postcolonial Capitalism , paper presented at the international conference «After Europe : Postcolonial Knowledge in the Age of Globalization», University of Chicago.


April 16th 2010, Movements and Struggles of Migration in a Postcolonial Europe, distinguished lecture organized by the European research project Ge.M.I.C., Athens, Agora Kupselis.


June 19th 2010, Bringing Capital Back In. A Materialist Turn in Postcolonial Studies?, keynote address at the 8th Crossroads in Cultural Studies Conference, organized by ACS (Association for Cultural Studies), Hong Kong, Lingnan University, June 17-21.


September 9-10 2010: Labour Migration – A Sign of Freedom or Insecurity?, paper presented at the international Symposion «The Biopolitics of Development: Life, Welfare, and Unruly Populations», organized by Calcutta Research Group, University of Lapland and The Finnish Acedemy, Kolkata.


October 21 2010: Grammatica dell'esperienza sociale e linguaggi della rivoluzione in Antonio Gramsci, lecture held within the the series «Letture gramsciane», Bologna, Istituto Gramsci Emilia Romagna.


Novembre 8 2010: Border as Method: Bordering Practices and Struggles of Mobility in a Globalizing World , lecture held at the John Hope Franklin Humanities Institute, Duke University, Durham, NC.


November 9 2010: Postcolonial Capitalism and the Autonomy of Migration , lecture held at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, NC.

November 11 2010: W.E.B. Du Bois as Philosopher and Political Thinker , paper presented at the conference «W.E.B. Du Bois' Black Reconstructionin America75th Anniversary Symposium», Duke University, Durham, NC.


December 7 2010: European Citizenship and the Transformations of Racism , talk at the Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Ljubljana.


January 19 2011: L'immaginario coloniale italiano , introductory remarks at the conference «La letteratura coloniale e postcoloniale italiana», Bologna, Fondazione Istituto Gramsci Emilia-Romagna.


February 2 2011: Der Ansatz der Autonomie der Migration: Die Grenze als Methode , lecture at the Insititut für Soziologie, Universtät Hamburg.


February 8 2011: Postkoloniale Perspektiven auf Europa und die Bewegungen der Migration , paper presented at the Forschungskolloquium am Institut für Volkskunde/Europäische Ethnologie, Universität München.


May 14 2011: La frontière comme méthode, paper presented at the seminar of the Groupe Recherches Matérialistes, E.N.S. (École Normale Supérieure), Paris.


May 19 2011: Ways of Seeing. Du Bois and Fanon , paper presented at the conference «Reading the Damned 50 Years Later», organized by Università di Napoli “L'Orientale” and Queen Mary College, University of London, Napoli 19-20 maggio.

June 28 2011: Border as a Method: Movements and Struggles of Migration in a Globalizing World , keynote lecture at FUTH 2011 – Flying University of Transnational Humanities, Hanyang University, Seoul, June 25-29, 2011.

September 7 2011: Karl Marx on Primitive Accumulation , Roundtable discussion within the framework of the 4th Critical Studies Conference, Kolkata, Academy of Fine Arts.

November 5 2011: Borders , keynote conversation between Étienne Balibar, Sandro Mezzadra, and Bernard Burgoyne within a series entitled “Topology. Spaces of Transformation”, London, Tate Modern.

February 6 2012: Die Grenze Als Method: Ein Forschungsprojekt , Ringvorlesung – Wer MACHT demo_kratie? Kritische Migrationsforschung II, Institut für Sozialwissenschaften, Humboldt Universität zu Berlin.

February 7 2012: Borders , “Keywords lecture”, INIVA, Institute of International Visual Arts at Rivington Place, London.

February 9 2012: Resisting the Margins: Border Struggles in the Contemporary World , paper presented at the international conference “The Right of Resistance. Theory, Politics, Law (16th-21st Century)”, Department of Social Sciences, Brunel University, London.

February 10 2012: Borders and “Differential Inclusion” , paper presented at the workshop “Migrant Subjects: Citizenship, Law, Orientalism”, First Oecumene international Symposium, Open University, Milton Keynes.

March 26 2012: Border as Method. A Postcolonial Approach to Contemporary Spatial Transformations and Conflicts , lecture at the Haute École d'Art et de Design, Genève.


April 6 2012: Frontières et «espaces de transformation» , a dialogue between Étienne Balibar and Sandro Mezzadra, Paris, Fondation Maison des Sciences de l'Homme.


April 20 2012: At the Multiple Borders of Politics. In Search for the Subject of the Common , keynote lecture at the international conference “The Many. History, Theory, and Politics”, Faculty of Human and Social Sciences of the New University of Lisbon, 18-20 April 2012.

April 23 2012: O Direito de Fuga , book launch of the Portuguese translation of Diritto di fuga , Teatro Maria Matos, Lisboa.


May 11 2012: Grenze als Methode , lecture delivered at the “Wiener Philosophisches Forum”, Dokumentationsstelle für ost- und mitteleuropäische Literatur, Wien.


May 29 2012: La frontera como método. Una mirada poscolonial sobre transformaciones y conflictos espaciales contemporáneos, lecture delivered at the Universidad Nacional de San Martín, Buenos Aires (Ciclo de Conferencias AnteSala al Primer Congreso de Estudios Poscoloniales y II Jornadas de Feminismo Poscolonial “Cruzando puentes: Legados, genealogías y memorias poscoloniales”).


June 1 2012: Crisis y/o Desarrollo. Bajo la sombra del capital , lecture delivered at the Cazona de Flores, Buenos Aires.


June 15 2012: Nuevas figuras de la exclusión? , graduate seminar held at the Centro de Estudios Sobre la Identidad Colectiva, Universidad del País Vasco, Bilbao.


July 10 2012: Conceptualizing Logistics and Mobility , paper presented at the Transit Labour Sydney Workshop, Institute for Culture and Society, University of Western Sydney.


July 11 2012: Corridors, Migration and Geographies of Power, paper presented at the Asian Studies Association of Australia (ASAA) 19th Biennial Conference 2012, “Knowing Asia: Asian Studies in an Asian Century”, Institute for Culture and Society, University of Western Sydney, 11-13 July.


September 20 2012: Bordering the Common. A new “primitive accumulation”? , paper presented at a workshop organized by Theory, Culture & Society , Napoli, Istituto di Studi Filosofici.


November 8 2012: ¿Una nueva acumulación originaria? Luchas por lo común en el capitalismo contemporáneo? , paper presented at the Doceava Conferencia Internacional Karl Polanyi, “Karl Polanyi y América Latina”, Universidad Nacional de General Sarmiento, Buenos Aires.

November 13-14-15 2012: Transformaciones de los procesos de gobierno y movimientos sociales en América latina , a three days seminar jointly held by Sandro Mezzadra and Michael Hardt, Flacso-Ecuador, Quito.

November 21 2012: Globalizacao e Migracao , semina held in Rio de Janeiro, IRI (Istituto de Relacoes Intenacionais), Campus Gávea, PUC.

November 23 2012: Migracoes, novas configuracoes do trabalho e crise do capitalismo cognitivo , lecture delivered in Rio de Janeiro, Auditório Oliveira Castro/CBPF – Centro Brasileiro de Pequisas Físicas.

January 31 2013: Dislocating citizenship and autonomy , keynote speech at the “Migration and Militant Research Workshop”, Department of Politics, Goldsmiths, University of London.


February 23 2013: Borderscapes of differential inclusion: Beyond citizenship and exclusion , paper presented at the international conference “Deportation, Detention, Drawning in la mer mortelle ”, University of Amsterdam.

March 22 2013: Schlussbemerkungen , “Stadt und Migration. Kritische Perspektiven auf ein Forschungsfeld in Bewegung”, interdisziplinäre Fachtagung, Kulturwissenschaftliches Zentrum der Universität Göttingen.

April 19 2013: Confini, cittadinanza e migrazioni forzate , paper presented at the conferente “Attraversare il Mediterraneo a due anni dalle primavere arabe. Una giornata di studio sulle migrazioni forzate”, Dipartimento di Scienze Sociali e Politiche, Università degli Studi di Milano.


June 10 2013: The Poverty of Italian Theory. Postcolonialism and Beyond , keynote speech at the study day on “Italy and Postcolonial Studies”, University of Newcastle.

June 20 2013: Leggere Marx oggi: la produzione di soggettività , paper presented at the seminar “Pensare la società”, Dipartimento di Filosofia, Sociologia, Pedagogia e Psicologia, Università degli Studi di Padova


June 28 2013: Migration Studies and Beyond: Mobility, Borders, Struggles , keynote speech at the Annual Graduate Conference, “Im/mobilizing In/equalities: Migration and Marginality in Times of Crisis”, Department of Sociology and Social Anthropology, Central European University, Budapest.


September 4 2013: The Geographies of the Crisis , Opening lecture at the Summer school “Teaching the Crisis” – Institut für Europäische Ethnologie, Humboldt Universität zu Berlin.


September 27 2013: Capital and Translation , a workshop with Sandro Mezzadra, Society for the Humanities, A.D. White House, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY.


September 30 2013: Border as Method , lecture delivered at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, NC.


October 22 2013: Derecho a la ciudad. Transnationalización, ciudadanía y política del espacio , lecture delivered at the Universidad Nacional de Córdoba (Argentina).


October 24 – 25 2013: Por un nuevo derecho a la ciudad , a two days seminar, Universidad Nacional de San Martín – Fundación Pasaje 865, Buenos Aires.


October 30-31 – November 1 2013: Marx: para una crítica del presente , a three days seminar, Universidad Nacional de San Martín, Buenos Aires (“Lectura mundi” program).


November 13 2013: La frontera como metodo , a seminar with Sandro Mezzadra, Instituto de Investigaciones Gino Germani, Universidad de Buenos Aires.


January 23 2014: Border as Method , research paper presented at the seminar “Situations, concepts et engagements d'une anthropologie-monde”, directed by Michel Agier, Paris, École des haute études en sciences sociales.

January 25 2014: Border as Method. Knowledge and Politics beyond the Nation , keynote speech, “L'Italian theory existe-t-elle? Does Italian Theory Exist?”, International conference, Université Paris Ouest Nanterre La Défense – Université Paris-Sorbonne.

March 1 2014, Europa como provincia , paper presented at the international meeting “El nuevo rapto de Europa: deuda, guerra, revoluciones democráticas”, Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía, Madrid.

March 29 2014, At the Multiple Borders of Politics: in Search for the Subject of the Common , paper presented at the international symposion “Political Abilities”, Institut für Philosophie, Universität Innsbruck.


April 26 2014, Da teoria da dependência ao direito de fuga , speech delivered at the Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian, Programa Próximo Futuro, Novos Poderes, Lisbona.


May 20 2014, La frontera como método. Prácticas de movilidad y espacio global , lecture delivered at the Técnologico de Monterrey, México.


May 28 2014, La frontera como método. Migraciones, capitalismo y globalización , lecture delivered at Universidad Autónoma de la Ciudad de México.


May 30 2014, Desafiando fronteras. Control de la movilidad y experiencias migratorias en el contexto capitalista , talk delivered at Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM), Centro de Investigaciones sobre América del Norte (CINAM).


June 9 2014, The Indian Mirror. Subaltern Studies, Colonialism, Postcolonialism , paper presented at the international conference “ Religious pluralism, cultural differences, social and institutional stability: What can we learn from India?”, Dipartimento di Scienze Politiche, Università di Roma “La Sapienza”.


June 19 2014, The Uses of Foucault in Migration and Border Studies , paper presented at the international conference “Foucault(s) 1984-2014”, Université Paris Est-Créteil – Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne.


June 24-27 2014, Global Borders , course held at the Bologna Duke Summer School on Global Studies and Critical Theory, University of Bologna.


August 26 2014, The Geographies of the Crisis , talk at the Institute for Culture and Society, University of Western Sydney.


August 26 2014, The State of Capitalist Globalization , joint workshop by Sandro Mezzadra and Brett Neilson, Institute for Culture and Society, University of Western Sydney.


September 22 2014, Expanding the Margins , opening lecture at the summer school “Expanding the Margins”, Institut für Europäische Ethnologie & Berliner Instituts für empirische Integrations- und Migrationsforschung (BIM), Humboldt Universität zu Berlin.


October 10 2014, Karl Marx. Per un approccio multilineare alla storia del capitalismo , lecture held at Università di Napoli, “L'Orientale”.

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SIGNED: Sandro Mezzadra



DATE: February 10th, 2015