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Sahra Talamo


Department of Chemistry "Giacomo Ciamician"

Academic discipline: CHIM/12 Chemistry for the Environment and for Cultural Heritage

Short Bio

Full Professor in Chemistry, with special interest in studying human evolutionary events in combination with radiocarbon dating. During her period at the MPI-EVA, she has developed outstanding expertise in human evolution research, in particular regarding high-resolution chronologies in the study of human evolution and in geosciences in glacial times, with strong competence in interdisciplinary collaboration. In 2018 she won an ERC starting grant (n. 803147 – RESOLUTION), that started June 1,2019.In the RESOLUTION project she will develop high-resolution radiocarbon calibration data sets, using fossil trees to gain resolution, precision and confidence intervals to resolve key periods in European prehistory. The results of this work will be of pivotal importance to precisely establish the time of the arrival of Homo sapiens in Europe, the way of their diffusion and their interactions with Neanderthals in terms of co-existence, co-habitation and competition. Moreover, the project will provide unique information on solar variability on decadal to centennial time scales reconstructed from production changes of 14C in tree rings and 10Be in ice cores.
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