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Silvia Prati

Associate Professor

Department of Chemistry "Giacomo Ciamician"

Academic discipline: CHIM/12 Chemistry for the Environment and for Cultural Heritage

Director of Second Cycle Degree in Science for the Conservation-Restoration of Cultural Heritage


Recent dissertations supervised by the teacher.

Second cycle degree programmes dissertations

  • Analisi e caratterizzazione di campioni standard di acetato di cellulosa di differente composizione e stato d'invecchiamento
  • Development of cleaning methods for the conservation cinematographic films
  • Development of new tools/solutions to monitor and preserve 20th century cellulose acetate motion pictures.
  • Elettrofilati per pulitura di vernici su beni culturali
  • Evaluation of suitability of PHB-GVL cleaning nanogel in comparison with established methods by means of OCT
  • Investigating coating applications for protection of Roman frescoes
  • Preliminary Comparative Study of Painted Ceramic Vessels and Mural Paintings from the Teotihuacan Culture
  • Studies on Development of Chemical Methods for the Conservation and Valorization of Movies
  • Synthesis and spectroscopic characterization of the ancient pigments Egyptian green: implications for its non invasive identification.

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