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Silvia Prati

Associate Professor

Department of Chemistry "Giacomo Ciamician"

Academic discipline: CHIM/12 Chemistry for the Environment and for Cultural Heritage

Director of Second Cycle Degree of Science for the Conservation-Restoration of Cultural Heritage


G. Sciutto; L. S. Dolci; M. Guardigli; M. Zangheri; S. Prati; R. Mazzeo; A. Roda, Single and multiplexed immunoassays for the chemiluminescent imaging detection of animal glues in historical paint cross-sections, «ANALYTICAL AND BIOANALYTICAL CHEMISTRY», 2013, 405, pp. 933 - 940 [Scientific article]

Sciutto G.; Oliveri P.; Prati S.; Quaranta M.; Bersani S.; Mazzeo R., An advanced multivariate approach for processing X-ray fluorescence spectral and hyperspectral data from non-invasive in situ analyses on painted surfaces, «ANALYTICA CHIMICA ACTA», 2012, 752, pp. 30 - 38 [Scientific article]

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M. Quaranta; R. Mazzeo; S. Prati; G. Sciutto; G. Bitelli; L. Vittuari, Criteria and indicators for risk assessment: a European overview in Heritage protection; from documentation to interventions, in: HERITAGE PROTECTION, Ljubljana, University of Ljubljana, 2012, pp. 171 - 174 (atti di: Proceedings of the EU-CHIC International Conference on Cultural Heritage Preservation, Split, 29 May – 1 June 2012) [Contribution to conference proceedings]

S. Prati; F. Rosi; G. Sciutto; R. Mazzeo; D. Magrini; S. Sotiropoulou; M. Van Bos, Evaluation of the effect of six different paint cross section preparation methods on the performances of Fourier Transformed Infrared microscopy in attenuated total reflection mode, «MICROCHEMICAL JOURNAL», 2012, 103, pp. 79 - 89 [Scientific article]

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R. Mazzeo; S. Bersani; I. Bonacini; M. Quaranta; S. Prati, Indagini non-invasive e micro invasive per la caratterizzazione del disegno preparatorio e dei componenti pittorici nel dipinto della Città ideale., in: “La Città ideale. L’utopia del Rinascimento a Urbino tra Piero della Francesca e Raffaello, Firenze, ELECTA, 2012, pp. 322 - 329 [Part of catalogues, repertoires, corpora]

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Sciutto G.; Dolci L.S.; Buragina A.; Prati S.; Guardigli M.; Mazzeo R.; Roda A., Development of a multiplexed chemiluminescent immunochemical imaging technique for the simultaneous localization of different proteins in painting micro cross-sections, «ANALYTICAL AND BIOANALYTICAL CHEMISTRY», 2011, 399, pp. 2889 - 2897 [Scientific article]

Joseph E.; Simon A.; Prati S.; Wörle M.; Job D.; Mazzeo R., Development of an analytical procedure for evaluation of the protective behaviour of innovative fungal patinas on archaeological and artistic metal artefacts, «ANALYTICAL AND BIOANALYTICAL CHEMISTRY», 2011, 399, pp. 2899 - 2907 [Scientific article]

Samorì C; Sciutto G; Pezzolesi L; Galletti P; Guerrini F; Mazzeo R; Pistocchi R; Prati S; Tagliavini E, Effects of Imidazolium Ionic Liquids on Growth, Photosynthetic Efficiency, and Cellular Components of the Diatoms Skeletonema marinoi and Phaeodactylum tricornutum, «CHEMICAL RESEARCH IN TOXICOLOGY», 2011, 24, pp. 392 - 401 [Scientific article]

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