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Silvia Prati

Associate Professor

Department of Chemistry "Giacomo Ciamician"

Academic discipline: CHIM/12 Chemistry for the Environment and for Cultural Heritage

Director of Second Cycle Degree in Science for the Conservation-Restoration of Cultural Heritage


Sciutto, Giorgia; Zangheri, Martina; Prati, Silvia; Guardigli, Massimo; Mirasoli, Mara; Mazzeo, Rocco; Roda, Aldo, Immunochemical Micro Imaging Analyses for the Detection of Proteins in Artworks, «TOPICS IN CURRENT CHEMISTRY», 2016, 374, pp. 31 - 59 [Scientific article]

Prati, Silvia; Sciutto, Giorgia; Bonacini, Irene; Mazzeo, Rocco, New Frontiers in Application of FTIR Microscopy for Characterization of Cultural Heritage Materials, «TOPICS IN CURRENT CHEMISTRY», 2016, 374, pp. 25 - 56 [Scientific article]

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