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Roberto Farnè

Adjunct professor

Department for Life Quality Studies


Keywords: play/sport Outdoor education sustainability

The relationship between Sport and Childhood, Initiation into sports practices involves boys and girls increasingly at early age and as a continuous commitment. On the one hand, there is a growing reduction in the spontaneous and natural recreational motor experience, typical of the childhood; on the other, the early beginning of children in sport activities responds to the need to make up for that lack by offering to childhood a controlled and safe time and space for the theyr need of movement.

The play as a training device. What role play culture plays during the childhood and adolescence, how the playful sociality of childhood is configured today and what is the repertoire of known and practiced games. How the gender difference with respect to the game and the toy market are configured today.

Outdoor education. To promote the external environment as a learning environment, to develop the direct relationship with the natural environment. The conditions of increasingly indoor in the childhood day life poses important problems concerning the quality of experiences and psychomotor development of children, and the health.


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