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Roberto Cazzolla Gatti

Associate Professor

Department of Biological, Geological, and Environmental Sciences

Academic discipline: BIO/03 Environmental and Applied Botany


Dissertation topics suggested by the teacher.

  1. Research on the biodiversity and ecological connectivity of the Atlantic forest (Mata Atlantica) with internship at the Iracambi Research Center in Brazil (Master's degree - AVAILABLE FROM 2025)
  2. Research on the connectivity of Protected Areas in Rwanda (Master's degree - AVAILABLE FROM 2025)
  3. Effects of anthropogenic impacts on Italian National Parks (Master's degree - assigned)
  4. Identification and modeling of biodiversity tipping points (Master's - AVAILABLE)
  5. Parasitism and test of the biodiversity dilution hypothesis test in the Province of Bologna (Master's - AVAILABLE and Bachelor's - assigned)
  6. Use of A.I. for ecological connectivity of Key Biodiversity Areas (Master's - assigned)
  7. Trend of primary and intact forests loss at the global level, in indigenous zones or in European extraction areas in the last twenty years (Master - AVAILABLE)
  8. Altitudinal gradient of plant and insect diversity on Mount Ararat in Armenia (Master's and Bachelor's - assigned)
  9. Study of the connectivity at the ecological corridor of the Rhine (Master's and Bachelor's - assigned)
  10. Evaluation of the behavioral ecology of coypu (nutria) in the Province of Bologna (Master's and Bachelor's - assigned)
  11. The evolution of wildlife documentary and the new 3D technology for the conservation of nature (Bachelor - assigned)
  12. Monitoring of vertebrate (micromammals, fish, birds), invertebrate (insects) and plant diversity for a study on environmental impacts in Val d'Agri, Basilicata (Bachelor - assigned)
  13. Grey wolf self-awareness test (to be carried out in Austria) (Master - assigned)
  14. Perception of the educational value of conservation and animal welfare in a private protected area in Emilia-Romagna (Master - assigned)
  15. Studying the effects of climate change on plant stomata (Bachelor or Master - assigned)
  16. Rewilding Italy (Bachelor and Master - some potentially available from the end of 2022)
  17. Status of strictly protected areas in Italy (Master - assigned)
  18. Invasive species and anthropogenic pressures on Slovenian forests (Master - Assigned)
  19.  Niche partitioning and emergence in coexisting herbivores of Northern regions, Norway (Master - assigned)
  20. Hybridization and distribution of the wild cat in Italy (Master - assigned)

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