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Riccardo Gulli

Full Professor

Department of Architecture

Academic discipline: ICAR/10 Architectural Engineering


Keywords: 2. Seismic building restoration 3. Urban and architectonic sustainable development Construction History 1. Technological innovation



- Research MURST ex 40% 1998. "Design and environmental rehabilitation in the building of minor and rural settlement contexts in the national territory. Tools for the implementation of building traditions and the drafting of codes of practice". National Coordinator Prof. A.C. Dell'Acqua. Research Unit University of Tor Vergata. Local Scientific Coordinator Prof. Luigi Ramazzotti. Research Group: Prof. Riccardo Gulli University of Udine, Ing. Giovanni Mochi, Arch. Paolo Adorisio, Arch. Giuseppe Dottori, Arch. Antonella Falzetti. Title: "Building traditions in the Mediterranean area. Techniques, models, knowledge. A code of practice for the maintenance and the recovery of the historical center of Serra San Quirico (An).

- Research coordinated by the Universities of Udine, Ancona, Urbino, financed by the Administration of the Municipality of Pesaro on the theme "Cognitive and diagnostic-instrumental investigations carried out on the facade and on the masonry on the side of Via Mazzini of the church of San Giovanni Battista in Pesaro (Reg. 37 of 31.03.2003). Scientific Responsible Prof. Ing. Riccardo Gulli, University of Udine. Module Responsible: Dr. Ing. Paolo Clini, Polytechnic University of Marche. Module B Responsible: Dr. Maria Letizia Amadori, University of Urbino. Collaborators: Prof. Ing. G. Fangi (Polytechnic University of Marche), Dott.ssa L. Ingrid Paolucci, Dott.ssa E. Gramegna, Dott.ssa G. Raffaelli. Dr. F. Schillaci. Amount funded € 13.000,00

- Research PRIN 2004-06. Title Research Unit University of Bologna "Basic building and regional architecture. Performance factors and guidelines for interventions of environmental protection and enhancement in the Emilia-Romagna context". Local Scientific Responsible Prof. A.C. Dell'Acqua. Research group: Prof. Riccardo Gulli, Prof. Maurizio Biolcati, Ing. Giovanni Mochi, Arch. Vittorio Degli Esposti.

- Oriented Fundamental Research University of Bologna 2004-2005 "Recovery, maintenance and safety of the public building heritage in seismic context". Financing with contribution from an agreement stipulated with the Municipal Administration of Pesaro aimed at a "study on the state of conservation and use of the school building heritage owned by the municipality". Scientific Responsible: Prof. Riccardo Gulli. Research Group: Ing. Luca Guardigli, Arch. Samuela Giustozzi. Amount 12.000,00 €

- Research contribution stipulated between LabTeco and the company ACMAR of Ravenna for the three-year period 2005-2008 concerning the "Experimentation of materials and construction techniques, with specific reference to the theme of the recovery and maintenance interventions of the historical building in seismic context and to that of the technological innovation marked by the respect of the instances of eco-compatibility and energy saving". Scientific Responsible of the research project: Prof. Riccardo Gulli. Amount agreement 60.000,00 €

- Research agreement stipulated between LabTeco and the Administration of Pesaro year 2008 concerning the "study of the static-constructive characterization and the identification of technical solutions of intervention for the building recovery and seismic improvement of the Dante Alighieri middle school of Pesaro". Scientific Responsible of the research project: Prof. Riccardo Gulli. Agreement amount 54.000,00 €

- Financing PRIITT Regione Emilia-Romagna 2007 NEREA project, Temporary Association of Purpose DAPT / ENEA / CARDEA- Regional Program for Industrial Research, Innovation and Technology Transfer Measure 4 "Network Development" Action A - Research Laboratories and Technology Transfer Notice of 26 November 2007 (DGR n. 1853/07). Scientific Responsible: Prof. Riccardo Gulli. Amount financed: 267.600,00.

- Project type: RER - INTERREG IVC - ENERCITEE; Funding body: Emilia Romagna Region; Framework program: INTERREG IVC - ENERCITEE; Funding program: European Development Fund. Funding scheme: Sub-project Acronym: ACTEE; Title: Actions and communication Tools about Energy Efficienc. Unibo role: Partner; Responsible: Riccardo Gulli Duration: 24 months; Start date: 01/07/2011; End date: 30/06/2013. Funding 46.500.00 €.

- MAE REGIONI - CHINA - Funding Authority: Emilia-Romagna Region; implementation of the project co-funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in accordance with the resolution of the Regional Council n. 714/2012 called "Cultural Heritage, the source of wisdom, heritage of all humanity)"; CUP: E37H12000910007; "VALORIZATION OF THE EMILIA-ROMAGNA RESTORATION INDUSTRY IN CHINA; 36.000,00 €.


• ADRISEISMIC INTERREG V-B Adriatic-Ionian ADRION Programme 2014-2020. 03.2020-08.2022. Budget DA: Eur 239.000,00. The Adriatic-Ionian area is heavily undermined by earthquakes. Each country has developed laws and norms, methods, techniques and expertise for tackling earthquake risks and for reducing seismic vulnerability of the built environment. Nevertheless, in urban areas and particularly in historical centers they remain high. .

DRIVE 0, codice progetto: GA 841850, Horizon 2020. Call: H2020-LC-SC3-2018-2019-2020. 10.2019 – 09.2023. Budget DA: Eur 114.000,00. DRIVE 0 aims to accelerate deep renovation processes by enhancing a consumer-centred circular renovation process, making deep renovation more attractive, environmentally friendly and cost effective. This involves the development of proven deep renovation products further to circular renovation products based on local available materials and components, with emphasis on easy to install plug & play prefab solutions for building envelope elements and building services, to be produced in fully automated BIM controlled production processes. .

PRO.GET.ONE, Codice progetto: GA 723747, Horizon 2020, Call: H2020-EE-2016-2017. 05.2017 - 04.2021. Budget DA: Eur 536.912,50. The innovative aspect in Pro-GET-OnE (Proactive synergy for Greater Efficiency On buildings’ Envelopes) consists in the following holistic vision:To combine in a same integrated system based on pre-assembled components the highest performances (iii) in terms of i) Energy requirements – by adding (or substituting the existing with) new prefab and plug and play high energy performing envelopes. ii) Safety – by using appropriate steel structures to reduce horizontal loads and implementing the structural safety while supporting the new envelopes (timber for opaque parts/surfaces, glass, PV and solar panels). iii) social sustainability – by ensuring tailored and customized solutions for users and increase the desirability of retrofit options. Building upon the previous experiences, Pro-GET-OnE aims at promoting a holistic optimized approach that goes beyond the results of EU and national projects and the IEA report on Prefabricated Systems for Low Energy Renovation of Residential Buildings .

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