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Riccardo Gulli

Full Professor

Department of Architecture

Academic discipline: ICAR/10 Architectural Engineering

Curriculum vitae

He has carried out scientific and didactic activities at the universities of Ancona, Perugia and Udine. Since 2003 he has been in service at the University of Bologna where he holds the role of full professor of the chair of Technical Architecture.

Roles and functions held at the University of Bologna:

Dean of the LabTeco Study Center (Laboratory of design and technological experimentation on buildings) of the University of Bologna (since 2005);

Dean of the NEREA industrial research laboratory (Network for the Advanced Restoration of the High Technology Network of Emilia Romagna) (2008-2010);

Head of the "Recovery and Restoration" Operating Unit of CIRI (Interdepartmental Center for Industrial Research) BUILDING AND CONSTRUCTION of the University of Bologna (2011-2016);

Head of the Organizational Unit of the Bologna Branch of the Department of Architecture (2011-15);

President of the Alma Mater Building Engineering-Architecture degree course (2014-2017);

Rector's Delegate for Construction and Environmental Sustainability (2015-2021);

Member of the Scientific Committee of the International Congresses of Construction History (Madrid 2003 - Cambridge 2006 - Cottbus 2009 - Paris 2012- Chicago 2015 - Brussels 2018);

President of the Ar.Tec (Scientific Society of Technical Architecture) (2017-2022);

Member of the Editorial Advisory panel of the Construction History Society Journal;

Member of the scientific committee of the journal il Progetto Sostenibile;

Member of the teaching staff of the Doctorate of Architecture of Bologna;

Director of the international magazine TEMA, Technology, Engineering, Materials and Architecture, (class A ANVUR - AREA 08);

Director of the Constructive Cultures series for sustainable recovery for Edicom Edizioni types. (since 2014 - in office)

The primary lines of interest concern the sectors of historical technical culture, building recovery and redevelopment of recent heritage, also on an urban scale. The scientific activity includes over one hundred and fifty national and international studies, published over the course of about thirty years and among which the following monographs are worth mentioning: "Bóvedas tabicadas. Architettura e Construction", (Rome: CDP Editrice-Edilstampa, 1995) ; "Mètis and Téchne. Project tools for the maintenance and recovery of historic buildings" (Monfalcone: Edicom, 2000); “Cohesive construction. The work of the Guastavino family in late 19th century America ”(Venice: Marsilio, 2006); The San Giovanni del Genga (Alinea, 2008); Structure and Construction (Florence: Firenze University Press, 2007 1st ed. / 2012 2nd ed.); Figures. Ars and Ratio in the architectural project (Florence: Firenze University Press, 2015). Recovery and conservation of buildings. Protection and prevention in the seismic field. (Monfalcone: Edicom, 2021).

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