Foto del docente

Renata Lizzi

Associate Professor

Department of Political and Social Sciences

Academic discipline: SPS/04 Political Science


Main fields of research are: public policies, policy making, interests groups in Italy and abroad; environmental policy, agricultural policy; european governance and integration process of EU integration; along the years, the fields she investigated the most have been: public policies and policy process, european governance and the legislative process in the Italian political system. She also takes part to research projects concerning the EU governance and recently the Italian interest groups.

Integration theories in the deepening and widening of European Union (URGE-Unit on governance and policies in the EU,concluded); agricultural policy making, the CAP reforms and the WTO challenges (individual research project phased in various steps: Italian agricultural policy and the PAC; policy change in the PAC reforms and Europeanization; comparative analysis of domestic agricultural policy change); law making and legislative processes in the Italian Parliament in selected areas of policy (PRIN project for 2008-2009, DSP local unit coordinated by prof. Giliberto Capano;  national group coordinated by prof. Francesco Zucchini, University of Milan; application submitted in October 2007); Eu governance and local-metropolitan governance and public policies (research project commissioned by Department of Funzione Pubblica, Ministero per le Riforme e Innovazioni della PA). Recently, the study of Italian interest groups, the lobbies in the EU policy making and the Media and the Interest Groups Strategies represent the main topics of research; these activities keep the same approach of policy studies with reference to publications on Agenda, Policy change and lobbying by Baumgartner Jones and Others.