Foto del docente

Raffaello Mazzaro

Junior assistant professor (fixed-term)

Department of Physics and Astronomy "Augusto Righi"

Academic discipline: FIS/03 Physics of Matter


Yang, CC; Atwater, HA; Baldo, MA; Baran, D; Barile, CJ; Barr, MC; Bates, M; Bawendi, MG; Bergren, MR; Borhan, B; Brabec, CJ; Brovelli, S; Bulovic, V; Ceroni, P; Debije, MG; Delgado-Sanchez, JM; Dong, WJ; Duxbury, PM; Evans, RC; Forrest, SR; Gamelin, DR; Giebink, NC; Gong, X; Griffini, G; Guo, F; Herrera, CK; Ho-Baillie, AWY; Holmes, RJ; Hong, SK; Kirchartz, T; Levine, BG; Li, HB; Li, YL; Liu, DY; Loi, MA; Luscombe, CK; Makarov, NS; Mateen, F; Mazzaro, R; McDaniel, H; McGehee, MD; Meinardi, F; Menendez-Velazquez, A; Min, J; Mitzi, DB; Moemeni, M; Moon, JH; Nattestad, A; Nazeeruddin, MK; Nogueira, AF; Paetzold, UW; Patrick, DL; Pucci, A; Rand, BP; Reichmanis, E; Richards, BS; Roncali, J; Rosei, F; Schmidt, TW; So, F; Tu, CC; Vahdani, A; van Sark, WGJHM; Verduzco, R; Vomiero, A; Wong, WWH; Wu, KF; Yip, HL; Zhang, XW; Zhao, HG; Lunt, RR, Consensus statement: Standardized reporting of power-producing luminescent solar concentrator performance, «JOULE», 2022, 6, pp. 8 - 15 [Scientific article]

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