Foto del docente

Raffaello Mazzaro

Junior assistant professor (fixed-term)

Department of Physics and Astronomy "Augusto Righi"

Academic discipline: FIS/03 Physics of Matter


Landstrom A.; Gradone A.; Mazzaro R.; Morandi V.; Concina I., Reduced graphene oxide-ZnO hybrid composites as photocatalysts: The role of nature of the molecular target in catalytic performance, «CERAMICS INTERNATIONAL», 2021, 47, pp. 19346 - 19355 [Scientific article]

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Romano F.; Angeloni S.; Morselli G.; Mazzaro R.; Ceroni P., Colloidally stable silicon quantum dots as temperature biosensors, «PROGRESS IN BIOMEDICAL OPTICS AND IMAGING», 2019, 11075, Article number: 110751V , pp. 65 - 67 [Scientific article]

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