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Raffaella Campaner

Full Professor

Department of Philosophy and Communication Studies

Academic discipline: M-FIL/02 Logic and Philosophy of Science

Vice Rector for International Relations


Keywords: scientific laws explanation mechanicism causality biomedical sciences invariance causal pluralism counterfactual causation causal models modeling resilience mental disorder health and disease

Raffaella Campaner's research focuses on causation, scientific explanation and modeling. With respect to causation and explanation, investigations have led to the elaborationof a pluralistic approach, aimed at highlighting possible intersections and aspects of complementarity. With respect to modeling, the research has focused on modeling disease, with a special attention to cancer, rare diseases, and mental disorders. Further topics are the notion of invariance, the notion of scientific law and the debate between reductionism and anti-reductionism. Issues have been addressed devoting a close attention to scientific practice, and its constraints, and showing how the increasing interest philosophy of science has in the “special sciences” is having relevant impact on the methodological and conceptual reflections on the sciences.



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