Foto del docente

Raffaella Campaner

Associate Professor

Department of Philosophy and Communication Studies

Academic discipline: M-FIL/02 Logic and Philosophy of Science

Director of Second Cycle Degree in Philosophical Sciences

Curriculum vitae

Raffaella Campaner graduated in Philosophy at the University of Trieste in 1996 with a dissertation in Philosophy of Science. She took a Master in Philosophy (M. Litt) at the University of St. Andrews (Scotland) in 1998, with a dissertation in Philosophy of Physics, and a PhD in Philosophy at the University of Trieste in 2000. In 2000-2001 she was Assistant Editor of the British Journal for the Philosophy of Science. She had a post-doctoral fellowship (2000-2002) and a research grant (2002-2006) at the Dept. of Philosophy of the University of Bologna, where she has been Lecturer (2006-2014). Since September 2014 she is Associate Professor of Philosophy of Science at the Dept. of Philosophy and Communication. In March 2017 she was awarded the National Scientific Qualification as Full Professor. Since 2019 she is Life Member of Clare Hall College Cambridge. 

Her research has been devoted mainly to conceptions of scientific explanation, modeling and theories of causality, with a special focus, on one hand, on social sciences (history, economy, anthropology, archaeology) and, on the other hand, on the biomedical sciences. Most recently she has been focusing on forms of pluralism and has been working in the philosophy of psychiatry. She published various papers in journals and volumes, and the following books: La spiegazione nelle scienze umane (2004); Spiegazioni e cause in medicina: un'indagine epistemologica (2005); La causalità tra filosofia e scienza (2007); Philosophy of Medicine. Causality, Evidence and Explanation (2012); La spiegazione scientifica (together with Maria Carla Galavotti) (2012); Filosofia della scienza (with Maria Carla Galavotti, 2017; second edition 2018)

She has been a speaker in a number of international conferences (Universities of Ghent, Vienna, King's College - London, Beijing, Granada, Geneva, Konstanz, Rotterdam, Bristol, Nancy, Athens, Madrid, La Coruna, Paris, Helsinki, Duesseldorf, Pittsburgh, Oslo, Bonn, University of Kent - Canterbury, Bielefeld.

She has been involved in the ESF Research Networking Programme “Philosophy of Science in a European Perspective” (2008-2013), as a member of the team “Philosophy in the Natural and Life Sciences”.

She is part of the Scientific Commettee of “Medicina & Storia”; “Philosophical Inquiries” and “Rivista Italiana di Filosofia Analitica Junior”.

From June 2014 to June 2017 she has been a SILFS (Italian Society of Logic and Philosophy of Science) Steering Committee member.

Since June 2015 she is a BIOM Steering Committee member (Società Italiana di Storia, Filosofia e Studi Sociali della Biologia e della Medicina,

Since September 2015 she is an EPSA Steering Committee member (

She is a member of the Program Committee of PSA2018 (

She has been a referee for: Philosophy of Science (2007); International Studies in the Philosophy of Science (2007); European Journal for Philosophy of Science (2012); Studies in the History and Philosophy of Science (2013 and 2015); Journal of Medicine, Healthcare and Philosophy (2014); Erkenntnis (2016); Synthese (2017); Topoi (2017); per la European Science Foundation (2007; 2019; 2020), la Danish National Research Foundation (2008); la Research Foundation Flanders (2015); Leverhulme Truste (2018). 

From July 2018 to Novmber 2019 she has been Delegate to International Relations for the Dept. of Philosophy and Communication Studies. Since November 2019 she is Director of the Master Program in Philosophical Sciences.  

Since November 2018 she is the Director of the Inter-University Research Centre in Philosophy of Health and Disease PhilHeaD (Università di Bologna, Ferrara, Firenze, Genova, Milano Bicocca, Piemonte Orientale, Roma Tre).