Foto del docente

Rabih Chattat

Full Professor

Department of Psychology "Renzo Canestrari"

Director of Second Cycle Degree in Clinical psychology

Curriculum vitae

After high School Licence in Lebanon , he obtained his degree  in medicine and Surgery at the University of Bologna in 1989 and than postgraduate in Clinical psychology at the same University in 1992. Between 1992 and 1996 he complete his PhD in Clinical Psychology. In 2001 he become a senior researcher in research methodology for psychological science and from 2005 Associate professor of Clinical Psychology.

The main interest is in the area of Gerontological Psychology and particulary in Clinical Psychology of old age. In this area he is collaborating on a regional, national and European level, with other experts, in projects regarding the cognitive impairment (mainly dementia) with specific attention toward psychosocial interventions with persons with dementia, with their families and carer and  with care organizations. On this level he is involved not only in the development of clinical trial and field trial aimed to assess the efficacy and efficiency of psychosocial interventions in dementia but also to allows its diffusion and application in the daily practice of the care of persons of dementia.

Another main interest is regarding interventions with caregivers of person with dementia  using a gerarchic model from informations to support getting needs of persons interested.

At the faculty of Psychology, he is giving courses on the psychology of aging, the clinical psychology of aging and interventions methods with elderly.

Since 2008, member of the Board of the InterDem network (a European panel of experts) and member of many national and international societies regarding aging and psychology.

Partner in different projects during the last ten year:  Delirium in elderly after surgery; ; the AD Care Project, a national multicenter clinical trial on antipsychotic drugs in Dementia coordinated by the Istituto Superirore di Sanità and funded by the National Drug Agency (AIFA); The Impact project funded the FP7 programme, an  LLP – Erasmus – Multilateral projects “EADHE: European Action on Disability Within higher Education; a Tempus – Joint Projects “BLATT: Blended Learning: Advanced Teacher Training; the MOTION “Remote Home-Physical Training for Seniors”, an FP7- Active and assisted living joint programme (AAL); a Tempus – Joint Projects “SWING: Sustainable Ways to Increase higher educatioN students’ equal access to learninG environments; MEETINGDEM “Adaptive Implementation and validation of the positively evaluated meeting Centers Support Programme for people with dementia and their carers in Europe” a  Joint Programme – Neurodegenerative disease Research (JPND Research).