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Pasqualino Maietta Latessa

Associate Professor

Department for Life Quality Studies

Academic discipline: M-EDF/01 Physical Training Sciences and Methodology

Director of Second Cycle Degree in Sciences and Techniques of Preventive and Adapted Physical Activities


Keywords: VO2 Posture Metabolic syndrome Fitness and Health Adaptive Physical Activity

We studied the effects of the compensatory response to physical effort in sedentary subjects and in subjects practicing sports, of different sex and age. In particular, the components of neuromuscular and transportation and consumption of O2, in order to determine loads and intensive work aimed to appropriate educational objectives, estimates, fitness, recovery and allenanti related to motor activity have been studied issues concerning the effects hypokinetic syndrome in the elderly and considered, on the one hand the central role of physical inactivity in determining the alterations and disorders morphofunctional that, in this age, amount to situations of impairment and, on the other hand the benefits of a correct program of movement . ave been designed, developed and tested non-invasive methods of evaluation aimed at examining the morphofunctional parameters that are at the base of skilled human performance.An examination of systems of motor action with increasingly sophisticated technologies has enabled us to develop a submaximal test, then administered a large population, which outlines reliably form the outline of the state of the individual (TOP: Test Of Performance ).We have designed a system that can simultaneously acquire information of a morphological-structural and physical parameters related to them: an integrated system for real-time acquisition of the angular positions of the levers, the forces exerted by the arts and motion pictures (System FAR - Simultaneous Acquisition of Analog Signals and Images).