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Paolo Macini

Associate Professor

Department of Civil, Chemical, Environmental, and Materials Engineering

Academic discipline: ING-IND/30 Hydrocarbons and Underground Fluids


Keywords: Anthropogenic subsidence Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage Energy and Environmental Ethics HSSE and upstream industry Environmental monitoring Underground fluids engineering Geothermal resources Petrophysic measurements Mineral resources sustainability Underground Energy Storage

Analysis of environmental, regulatory and safety issues of underground gas storage and hydrocarbon production activities in Italy, with particular reference to the offshore industry.

Study of anthropogenic subsidence phenomena. Water and/or hydrocarbons withdrawal from the subsoil and compaction measurements. Analysis of downhole extensometric data. Satellite data analysis.

Environmental monitoring of upstream activities in the Italian offshore. Guidelines for seismicity, soil deformations and pore pressure environmental control and monitoring.

CCUS techniques (carbon capture, utilization and storage). Evaluation of storage potential in deep saline aquifers. Underground CO2 and H2 storage. Numerical models for simulating CO2 phase behavior. 

Experimental studies on the formulation and rheological optimization of water-based drilling fluids.

Theoretical and experimental studies on Non-Darcy flow regime in natural and artificial porous media, with particular reference to  natural gas production.

Experimental studies of reservoir rocks wettability applied to Enhanced Oil Recovery. Artificial inversion of wettability. Evaluation of intermittent displacement of alkaline solutions in oil-wet carbonate reservoir rocks. Magnetic resonance imaging techniques.

Analysis of technical and economical models for bit performance evaluation in drilling engineering. Application of drilling index and specific energy concepts to large industrial databases.

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