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Paolo Fais

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Dipartimento di Scienze Mediche e Chirurgiche

Settore scientifico disciplinare: MED/43 MEDICINA LEGALE


Pelletti G.; Martini D.; Ingra L.; Mazzotti M.C.; Giorgetti A.; Falconi M.; Fais P., Morphological characterization using scanning electron microscopy of fly artifacts deposited by Calliphora vomitoria (Diptera: Calliphoridae) on household materials, «INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF LEGAL MEDICINE», 2022, 136, pp. 357 - 364 [articolo]Open Access

Mazzotti M.C.; Fais P.; Amadasi A.; Pelletti G.; Giovannini E.; Giorgetti A.; Pelotti S., When the Hidden Issue of Elder Abuse Leads to Death: Do Not Neglect Elder Neglect, «THE AMERICAN JOURNAL OF FORENSIC MEDICINE AND PATHOLOGY», 2022, 43, pp. 60 - 65 [articolo]

Palazzo C.; Pelletti G.; Fais P.; Giorgetti A.; Boscolo-Berto R.; Gaudio R.M.; Pirani F.; Tagliabracci A.; Pelotti S., Application of aquatic decomposition scores for the determination of the Post Mortem Submersion Interval on human bodies recovered from the Northern Adriatic Sea, «FORENSIC SCIENCE INTERNATIONAL», 2021, 318, Article number: 110599, pp. 1 - 8 [articolo]

Carano F.; Teti G.; Ruggeri A.; Chiarini F.; Giorgetti A.; Mazzotti M.C.; Fais P.; Falconi M., Assessment of the structural and functional characteristics of human mesenchymal stem cells associated with a prolonged exposure of morphine, «SCIENTIFIC REPORTS», 2021, 11, Article number: 19248, pp. 19248 - 19259 [articolo]

Piva E.; Fais P.; Cecchetto G.; Montisci M.; Viel G.; Pascali J.P., Determination of perfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) in human hair by liquid chromatography-high accurate mass spectrometry (LC-QTOF), «JOURNAL OF CHROMATOGRAPHY. B», 2021, 1172, Article number: 122651, pp. 122651 - 122656 [articolo]

Piva E.; Giorgetti A.; Ioime P.; Morini L.; Freni F.; Faro F.L.; Pirani F.; Montisci M.; Fais P.; Pascali J.P., Hair determination of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) in the Italian population, «TOXICOLOGY», 2021, 458, Article number: 152849, pp. 152849 - 152855 [articolo]

De Matteis M.; Giorgetti A.; Viel G.; Giraudo C.; Terranova C.; Lupi A.; Fais P.; Puggioni A.; Cecchetto G.; Montisci M., Homicide and concealment of the corpse. Autopsy case series and review of the literature, «INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF LEGAL MEDICINE», 2021, 135, pp. 193 - 205 [articolo]

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Pelletti G.; Barone R.; Giorgetti A.; Garagnani M.; Rossi F.; Fais P.; Pelotti S., “Light cannabis” consumption in a sample of young adults: Preliminary pharmacokinetic data and psychomotor impairment evaluation, «FORENSIC SCIENCE INTERNATIONAL», 2021, 323, Article number: 110822, pp. 1 - 7 [articolo]

Giorgetti A.; Pascali J.P.; Fais P.; Pelletti G.; Gabbin A.; Franchetti G.; Cecchetto G.; Viel G., Molecular mechanisms of action of novel psychoactive substances (Nps). a new threat for young drug users with forensic-toxicological implications, «LIFE», 2021, 11, pp. 2 - 17 [articolo]

Giorgetti A.; Pascali J.; Montisci M.; Amico I.; Bonvicini B.; Fais P.; Viero A.; Giorgetti R.; Cecchetto G.; Viel G., The role of risk or contributory death factors in methadone-related fatalities: A review and pooled analysis, «METABOLITES», 2021, 11, Article number: 189, pp. 189 - 211 [articolo]

Giorgetti A.; Pelletti G.; Fais P.; Giovannini E.; Barone R.; Pelotti S.; Pascali J.P., The use of fly artifacts in a crime scene: Is there any application for forensic toxicology?, «JOURNAL OF FORENSIC SCIENCES», 2021, 00, pp. 1 - 7 [articolo]

Roccaro M.; Bini C.; Fais P.; Merialdi G.; Pelotti S.; Peli A., Who killed my dog? Use of forensic genetics to investigate an enigmatic case, «INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF LEGAL MEDICINE», 2021, 135, pp. 387 - 392 [articolo]Open Access

Giorgetti A.; Pelletti G.; Barone R.; Garagnani M.; Rossi F.; Guadagnini G.; Fais P.; Pelotti S., Deaths related to nitrogen inhalation: Analytical challenges, «FORENSIC SCIENCE INTERNATIONAL», 2020, 317, Article number: 110548, pp. 110548 - 110554 [articolo]

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