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Paolo Biavati

Full Professor

Department of Legal Studies

Academic discipline: IUS/15 Civil Procedural Law

Curriculum vitae

Paolo Biavati (Bologna, 1953) is full professor at the University of Bologna, where he teaches Civil procedure law and EU procedure law.

He has written more than 160 books, articles and essays, most of which relating to European procedure law, international arbitration and Italian civil procedure law. Some of these works have been published out of Italy, in English, French and Spanish.

Among the books, Argomenti di diritto processuale civile (4th edition, Bologna, 2018), Diritto processuale dell'Unione europea (Milan, 2015, 5th edition), Europa e processo civile (Turin, 2003), Giurisdizione civile, territorio e ordinamento aperto (Milan, 1997) and Accertamento dei fatti e tecniche probatorie nel processo comunitario (Milan, 1992) are to be quoted.

He is President of the Italian Association of Civil procedure law. He is also member of the Council of the International Association of Procedural law.

He also practises civil and commercial law in Bologna.