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Paola Villano

Full Professor

Department of Education Studies "Giovanni Maria Bertin"

Academic discipline: M-PSI/05 Social Psychology


Keywords: Roma people SOCIAL EXCLUSION social representations of ethnic minorities prejudice stereotypes

 Main areas of study and research

1. Prejudice (analysis of ethnic prejudice and racist discourse in the press; The relationship between SDO (social dominance orientation) and forms of injury and the role played by primary and secondary emotions in the relationship between these two constructs. Special interest related to the process of infra-humanization of minorities in written discourse).
  Psychological processes of social exclusion.
  Theoretical study on anti-Semitism and psychological explanations
  Effect moral dilemmas and moral exclusion under the theme

2. Stereotypes
Theoretical study of the issue.
  Gender stereotypes and attribution issues and in activating the categorization of gender stereotypes.
  Analysis of the stereotypes of Arabs and immigrants in the press

  3. Migration
Immigration and injury, with particular attention to the problems of identity of immigrant women and adolescents
  Political participation and social integration of migrants
  Social exclusion and migration.
  Health and risk behaviors in young migrants.

  4. Cultural psychology
Critical analysis of the concept of culture.
  Analysis of the relationship between psychology and cultural migrations
Cultural mediation in ü psychosocial perspective (role of mental models and the construct of self-efficacy in relation to mediation).

5. Discursive social psychology
  theoretical knowledge and practical analysis of discourse, particularly political speech and the press.
    6. Methodological knowledge
Qualitative methods in social psychology (theoretical knowledge and use of software Spadt and T-Lab for the qualitative analysis of textual data, theoretical knowledge and use of focus groups, interviews and analysis).
  Knowledge of the main methods of survey research and quantitative analysis techniques through software (SPSS).