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Paola Villano

Full Professor

Department of Education Studies "Giovanni Maria Bertin"

Academic discipline: M-PSI/05 Social Psychology

Short Bio

Full Professor of Social Psychology at the University of Bologna, Italy, and Rector?s Delegate on Working Welbeing.

Graduated Magna cum Laude in Education at the University of Bologna (1991), she received her Ph.D. in Psychology in 1996 and a post-doc fellowship at the University of Bologna in 1999.

She is currently a member of the Bologna research unit - PRIN Bando 2020 Project Prot. 2020CJL288 "INSPIRE: INCLUSION STRATEGIES THROUGH WORK PARTICIPATION FOR ORGANISATIONAL WELL-BEING, and member of the research unit of the Erasmus + 2018 Project KA2 - FORTH - Formation of teachers in Challenged Areas in the Philippines.

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