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Paola Dal Monte

Assistant professor

Department of Experimental, Diagnostic and Specialty Medicine - DIMES

Academic discipline: MED/07 Microbiology and Clinical Microbiology


Keywords: mycobacteria Mycobacterium tuberculosis gamma interferon Tuberculosis Latent tubercolous infection (LTBI)


1989-90: at the Research Institut Codivilla Putti, Bologna, in the Laboratory of Genetic and Immunology.

Main topics:

-          Humoral response anti-HBs following vaccination with cDNA HBsAg.

-          Evaluation of intracellular nucleotides in lymphocytes and granulocytes from normal ageing subjects.

1990: First prize at the "ATB'90, IV European Edition of the OAK RIDGE conference on advanced Technology for the Clinical laboratory and Biotechnology" with the subject:

-          "Human cytomegalovirus recombinant antigens: production, characterization and use as a diagnostic tool."

1990-92: at the Institut of Microbiology of Bologna.  Main topics:

-          Study of the humoral response against sintetic peptides of structural and non structural antigens of Human Cytomegalovirus

-          Study of the correlation between virus detection and serology for the diagnosis of active Cytomegalovirus infection in AIDS patients.

1992-95: at the Pasteur Institut, Paris, France in the Laboratory of Immunology and Virology:

Grants:  from the Italian Institut of Health, AIDS project  and from the European Community, Biomedprojecrt

Main topics:  Study of the role of Human Cytomegalovirus structural antigens in the initiation of viral replicative cycle and regulation of the host cell metabolism in relation to HIV-1.

1996-2006 at the Department of Clinical and Experimental Medicine, Division of Microbiology,University of Bologna, Italy.  Main topics:

-          Modulation of chemochines production during HCMV infection ;

-          Expression and characterization of HCMV US22 gene product;

-          Expression and characterization of HCMV UL147, UL53 and UL73 gene products


2006 up today, at the Department of Haematology and Oncologic Science "L. and A. Seragnoli"

The research activity focuses on issues associated with mycobacterial infection, with particular attention to that from Mycobacterium tuberculosis (MTB)

Specifically, the main research topics are related to the study of the immune response against MTB in various populations, with particular attention to immunocompromised patients, immigrants and children.

We also aim to develop new diagnostic tests that have good performance and to differentiate cases of latent infection from those of TB disease.

Finally, another research topic concerns the possible relationship between Mycobacterium avium paratuberculosis (MAP) and Crohn's disease.


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