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Paola Brembilla

Associate Professor

Department of the Arts

Academic discipline: L-ART/06 Cinema, Photography and Television


Keywords: Television Studies; Media Industries Studies; TV Series; Media Economics; Digital Media; Serial Narratives

My area of expertise includes Creative Industries, Media and TV Economics, Television Studies, Media Industries Studies.

I have experience in the management of interdisciplinary and systemic approaches, putting historical, institutional, technological, economic and cultural factors in relations to the aesthetics and narrative formats of audiovisual products. In detail, I have worked on: Competitive dynamics and business strategies in the U.S. and Italian TV industry; The relations between these strategies and the aesthetic and narrative forms of scripted series; Cross-industrial synergies in the entertainment industries, with a focus on the creation, management and evolution of vast narratives, media franchises, digital and narrative ecosystems.

At the moment I am interested in the management of properties by the media industries, particularly with regard to the commercial and creative control of content and distribution channels.