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Nicola Buratti

Associate Professor

Department of Civil, Chemical, Environmental, and Materials Engineering

Academic discipline: ICAR/09 Structural Engineering

Director of Second Cycle Degree in Civil Engineering


Keywords: Earthquake Engineering Seismic Vulnerability Seismic fragility models Seismic risk Definition of seismic actions Structural Reliability Nonlinear structural analysis Seismic behaviour of tanks Reinforced concrete FRC UHPFRCs Green concretes Concrete creep

1. Seismic vulnerability of RC structures

2. Definition of seismic actions for nonlinear dynamic analysis

− Artificial accelerograms

− Selection criteria for recorded ground motions

− Properties of ground motion intensity measures

3. Quantitative seismic risk analysis of industrial facilities

4. Seismic behaviour of fluid containing tanks

5. Seismic vulnerabilità of prefabricated RC structures

6. Fibre reinforced concretes

− Experimental testing of FRCs

− Experimental tests on notched round panels

− Design of FRC tunnel linings

− Experimental testing of long term deformations in cracked conditions 

− Numerical modeling of short-term behavior

− Numerical modeling of long-term deformations

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