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Milena Bernardi

Full Professor

Department of Education Studies "Giovanni Maria Bertin"

Academic discipline: M-PED/02 History of Pedagogy and Education


Keywords: Literature, storitelling, fiction, care, caregiver Complexity Children’s literature and literature Theater, movie, storytelling, illustration Representation of deprived childhood, Children and the dark side Author’s riddle and children's literature Text, interpretation and hermeneutics Circularity and imaginary hard issues and control

Major research topics:

-fiction and storytelling;

- crosses between literary genres;

- research is based on the interdisciplinary approach from the point of view of the studies of anthropology, pedagogy, psychology, philosophy, history, literature ...;

- Literary metaphors and childish characters;

- Fairy tale, abandonment, orphanage, child suffering

- Children's literature and child care;

- Children's literature and Bildungsroman;

Cultural marginality as a problem for children's literature;

- Research studies the authors of stories for children's books;

- Oral literature and popular and anthropological sources;

- Literary text analysis; Historical periodization;

- Educational relationship, children's literature, stories and creativity;

- Books as caregiver;

- "Difficult Themes;