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Milena Bernardi

Full Professor

Department of Education Studies "Giovanni Maria Bertin"

Academic discipline: M-PED/02 History of Pedagogy and Education

Curriculum vitae

Academic Profile: Professor in Children's Literature,Department of Educational Sciences. Bologna, University, Italy.

Teaching : Children's Literature, and Theory and History of children's books

Research Topics imaginary and myth-making; The classic Fairytales, children's literature and literary metaphor; educational care in first infancy services and storytelling; pedagogy of storytelling; educational relationship, childcare and narrative setting; storytelling and children's theatre; contamination in narrative forms: children's literature, literature, film, theatre, illustrations. Others research Themes: Children, Darkness, Representation of deprived childhood, Dickens caregiver, Hanry James and childhood, otherness and children's literature; pain, death and childhood in children's literature...


Curriculum Vitae

Milena Bernardi is Associate Professor in Children's Literature Department of Educational Sciences. She is a lecturer of Children's Literature and Theory and  History of children's books (Degree in Edutator in chilcare servis and Education Sciences); Her research field is Children's Literature, with a special focus on the complexity of imagery and the relationships amongst the various forms of narrative: books, cinema, theatre, television… She took part in the Department's two-year Research Project on “Care in Education”, publishing the results in an article. She continues her research work within the Department, focusing on the intergenerational transmission of knowledge and experience through narrative. She also offers specialized training in education, with special attention on the relationship between education and the setting of narrative, the adults' awareness and skills in oral narrative, the development of the reading habit, the authentic communication between storyteller and listener in the exchange between children and adults, and among children, teenagers and adults. Training courses are specially devised for early childhood workers, kindergarten teachers and primary school teachers, as well as for teachers and other professionals who relate to teenagers. In close connection to her disciplinary field and to the focus of her training courses, she also carries out research work on “theatrical narrative”, with special attention to fairytales and the discovery of a “telling voice”.

Milena Bernardi is

- scientific coordinator of CRLI, research and study center abaut Children's literature

- a menber of scientific committees of editorial series and schientific journals

- editor-in-chief with Emma Beseghi of the Bagheera editorial series, ETS, PISA, ITALY

- a menber of the board C.I.R.S.E - Centro Italiano per la ricerca storico-educativa