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Michela Ceccorulli

Associate Professor

Department of Political and Social Sciences

Academic discipline: SPS/04 Political Science


'Border and Migration Studies' . Cycle of Seminars

Cycle of seminars in 'Border and Migration Studies' (MIREES Open Lectures hosted by Workshops on East European Politics and Economics)


● Jaroslaw Janczak: European University Viadrina



23 May 2022, h. 15.00- 19:00 / 24 May 2022 h. 09.00-13:00

WHERE: Room 1.3 (23 May 2022) / Room 1.4 (24 May 2022).

#MIREESCommunity  is glad to welcome prof. Jaroslaw Janczak, member of the international research project 'GlocalEAST' (  for a cycle of seminars devoted to migration and border studies in East Central Europe.

Classes will be divided into thematic areas:

1. Borders in Motion in East Central Europe (23 May 2022, h. 15-17)

2. Why do Poles oppose immigrants? Polish political elite’s (anti-)Immigration rhetoric in the context of border studies (23 May 2022, h. 17-19)

3. Between the frontier and the boundary: Geopolitics and geostrategies of the European Union’s border relations with neighbors (24 May 2022, h. 9-11)

4. Continental Integration Down-scaled. Symbolic Manifestations of Cross-border and European Integration in Border Twin Towns (24 May 2022, h. 11-13).

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Published on: May 21 2022