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Maximiliano Sioli

Associate Professor

Department of Physics and Astronomy "Augusto Righi"

Academic discipline: FIS/01 Experimental Physics

Curriculum vitae

I got a Laurea degree in Physics - cum laude - at the University of Bologna in 1995. Then I got an INFN (Italian Nuclear Physics Institute) fellowship at the Gran Sasso Labs, where I was involved in the study of high energy cosmic ray hadronic interactions. After the Military Service in the Italian Air Force I attended the 12th Italian PhD cycle earning a ministerial research grant. I got my PhD in Physics in 2000 defending the thesis “A new approach to the study of high energy muon bundles with the MACRO experiment at Gran Sasso”.

I've been research associate since 2000 up to 2003 at the Physics Department of Bologna, then I got an Assistant Professor position in Experimental Physics (tenured in 2007). In 2011 I won a competition for the qualification to the role of Associate Professor achieved at Rome University “La Sapienza” and soon after I won a competition to be appointed as tenured Associate Professor at the Bologna University.

My scientific activity was carried out in High Energy Physics, as a research associate of INFN. I started my activity in cosmic ray and astroparticle line of research. Then I focused on neutrino physics, both atmospheric and with artifical beams. Presently I'm involved in collider physics.

I was member of the MACRO, OPERA, FLUKA and NESSiE collaborations where I provided contributions both in terms of scientific results and institutional activities. In MACRO I have been in charge as run coordinator of the experiment. In OPERA I was the coordinator of the non-oscillation physics and member of the Analysis Steering Board. I also had the responsibility to project a cosmic ray station for emulsion alignment and I was the first brick-handling run coordinator of the experiment. In FLUKA I was responsible for the Bologna group. In the NESSIE project I was involved in the experiment proposal.

Since 2014 I'm member of the ATLAS experiment at CERN's LHC, where my research activities are now based. In the Muon Combined Performance group I had the responsability to provide muon reconstruction efficiencies. Now I'm involved in the exotic group to search for new physics by studying multi-lepton final states. Target models are within the extended Higgs sector, LR Symmetric Models and Neutral Heavy Leptons from seesaw type mechanisms.

I'm author of about 350 papers in international journals and about 20 conference proceedings (my h-index is 38). I presented my researches at about 30 international conferences, often as invited talks. I was regular referee for international reviews.

I lectured seminars for PhD in Physics and currently I hold the course in Thermodynamics (Laurea degree in Physics), the course in Statistical Data Analysis for Nuclear and Subnuclear Physics (2nd level Laurea degree in Physics) and the course on Electromagnetism (Laurea degree in Civil Engineering). I supervised about 20 Laurea and PhD theses. I was member of panels for academic competitions and PhD defenses.

I'm member of the PhD in Physics panel and of the Alma Mater Research Evaluation panel to monitor scientific activities in the Physics Department. I participate to various projects, and I'm responsible of Erasmus exachange with Germany. I'm in the organizing committee of the ISHEP international school in France.

I'm deeply involved in the dissemination of scientific knowledge, in particular for primary, middle and high schools.

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