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Massimiliano Trentin

Associate Professor

Department of Political and Social Sciences

Academic discipline: SPS/14 Asian History and Institutions


European Strategic Autonomy: What, Why & How

European Strategic Autonomy: What, Why & How

Dr. Riccardo Alcaro (IAI), in the Context of the Course of Pan-European Security

  • Data: 27 aprile 2021 dalle 11:00 alle 13:00

  • Luogo: Online

  • Modalità d'accesso: Ingresso libero

Series of Guest Lectures on "The Impact of the pandemic on International Politics: lessons, expectations, change”, organized by Prof. Michela Ceccorulli and Prof. Sonia Lucarelli Financed by the Department of Political and Social Sciences – Forlì Campus (UOS)

“It is difficult to predict, especially the future” (Niels Bohr)... If in early January 2020 a security specialist or an International Relations scholar was called to make a prediction on the future of world politics, his/her attention would have been captured by the challenge represented by global terrorism or cyber insecurity, or the continuation of war in Syria, Yemen, Libya, etc. He or She would have probably speculated on the ability of our societies to develop resilience in front of challenges related to human-made external aggressions, economic crises or social unrest. Yet very few would have forecasted that the greatest challenge to politics and societies would have come from a virus. And yet, here we are, trying to understand what impact Covid_19 has made on our lives… This series of Guest Lectures aims to contribute to a collective reflection on how Covid_19 has impacted upon international politics, amplifying or changing existent trends within countries (Russia), international organizations (NATO and the EU), specific policy areas (migration, multilateralism, cybersecurity).

The lectures are open to interested public and can be followed online at the Teams link indicated in the webpage of the course that hosts the lecture (Pan-European Security: ; Politica dell’Economia Internazionale ( ); International Migration ( )

Published on: April 15 2021