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Massimiliano Tarozzi

Full Professor

Department for Life Quality Studies

Academic discipline: M-PED/01 Pedagogy, Theories of Education and Social Education

Curriculum vitae



Doctorate/PhD in Education, at the University of Bologna with “Excellent” evaluation. Final thesis: An unperfect mediator. Epistemological foundation and empirical results of intercultural mediation in school. Then published as book.


Degree (Master equivalent) in Education at the University of Bologna. Mark 110/110 summa cum laude with honourable mention “press dignity”. With a final dissertation which was empirical research about multicultural education in middle school.


Degree (Master equivalent) in Philosophy at the University of Bologna. Mark 110/110 summa cum laude. With a final dissertation on ‘Poetic knowledge' of G.B. Vico (Subject Aestetic)


Classical Lyceum, “M.Minghetti”, High School specialized in classical studies in Bologna, where I studied ancient Greek, Latin and classical literature, history and philosophy.

Further education and qualifications


“Troubleshooting seminar” with Barney Glaser about methodological issues related to the application of grounded theory method. Stokholm, Sweden.


Completed the course “Thinking Qualitatively”, at International Institute of Qualitative Methodology, University of Alberta, Canada

1995 (May and June)

Visiting research student at the University of Southampton, supervised by Professor P. Figueroa

1989 (September)

University of Bologna Grant at Sussex University (U.K.)


Got, after national exam,  a Secondary school teaching diploma for “Philosophy, Sciences of Education and History”.

Positions Held

2017 -2020

Co- director Development Education Research Centre - UCL Institute of Education

December 2019 - current

Full Professor, Department of Life Quality Studies, University of Bologna

2017- current

Co director Development Education Research Centre. UCL- Insitute of Education

2013- 2019

Associate professor Department of Life Quality Studies, University of Bologna

September 2005 – September 2013

Associate Professor (professore associato confermato), University of Trento (Department of Cognitive and Education Sciences)

Scientific director, International Research Center on Global Citizenship Education, within the department of Life Quality Studies, University of Bologna

Director, International Summer School of Qualitative Research Methods in Education, Equity in education

June 2012

Director, International Summer School of Qualitative Research Methods in Education, Advanced Grounded Theory (June 2012)

June 2011

Director of International Summer School on Qualitative Research in Social Justice Education in cooperation with UCLA, Department of Education (University of Trento)

June 2010

Director of Summer School on Grounded theory, University of Trento

June 2005 – 2011

Founding Director of Master degree in “Research Methodology in Education”, University of Trento (Three editions)

May-October 2009

Fulbright Visiting Scholar University of California. Los Angeles, Department of Education

May- August 2006

EAP Visiting Scholar University of California. Los Angeles, Department of Education

July-August 2005

Visiting research scholar, International Institute Qualitative Methodology, University of Alberta

August 2002 – September 2005

Assistant professor in Education University of Trento (Faculty of Cognitive Sciences).

Courses taught at the University (international)

  • "Development Education in the Era of Globalization", in the MA Development Education and Global Learning, London, UCL-Insitute of Education (a.a. 2017-18)

  • Visting professor in the UNESCO Chair on Global Citizenship Education at UCLA, Luglio 2016
  • Two courses (beginners and advanced) on grounded theory methods at Istituto Patagonico de las Artes, Rion Negro Argentina (May 2016)
  • Seminar “Abstrair a partir dos dados: o significado da construção de teoria na Metodologia Grounded Theory”, USP, São Paulo univeristy, Brazil, (March 2015)
  • Seminar, Grounded Theory. Compreendendo as práticas de codificação, São Paulo university, Brazil, (April 2014)
  • Seminar, Grounded Theory e Pesquisa Qualitativa para a Justiça Social na Educação, UFPB, João Pessoa, Brazil, (April, 2014)
  • Lecturing on Politics of Education, Paulo Freire Insititute Summer Program at University of California Los Angeles, 2009, 2010, 2013, 2014, 2016
  • Workshop: Introduction to Grounded theory. Khon Kaen University (Thailand), during the International Congress of Qualitative Health Research (December 2013)
  • Lecture “Inter or Multicultural education or both?”, Harvard Graduate School of Education (October, 2009)
  • Three lectures within the course of Comparative Education, at the Department of Education at University of California, Los Angeles, 2009.
  • Lecture, “Doing grounded theory in practical fields”, MAP lecture Series, Seattle University, October 2009.
  • Lecture, “Phenomenology as my philosophy of research”, Seattle University, Department of Psychology, October, 2009.
  • Lecture “European Education Policies for immigrant inclusion” at the Department of Education , National Dong Hwa University, Taiwan (2010)
  • Visiting professor of “Qualitative thinking” and “grounded theory”, in Master in “Metodologia della Ricerca in Educazione” at Alta Scuola Pedagogica di Locarno (Switzerland) (2008-2009).

Other professional activities

Chair of the Institution governing the educational services in the Municipality of Bologna from its foundation to 2016. This body is responsible for managing the services and addressing education policy for early childhood and those for adolescents the Bologna area. 

Principal Investigator of a 3 years European comparative research on teacher education for Global citizenship education in primary school, within the project DEAR, Global learning in Pimary schools, 2015-2017

Scientific supervisor of the project  “Embodied Wellbeing in Teacher Education. Il benessere psicofisico degli insegnanti in formazione nei TFA. Ricerca teorica ed empirica”. Funded by Fondazione Caritro. 2013-2014

Scientific coordinator of a in-service training program for teachers and principals of Province  of Trento for the “intercultural” sector. Project offered by the Teacher education center of Rovereto and sponsored by European Union Social Funds (2010-2013)

Research consultant of  IPRASE Trentino (Provincial Institute for Educational Research) 2004-2009

Full time tenured teacher in high school (History and Philosophy) (1999-2002)

Senior Consultant in the municipalities of S. Giovanni in Persiceto, Crevalcore, Sant'Agata bolognese e Sala Bolognese for educational project and activities for adolescents. (July 1999- August 2000).

Head of Educational Area of Telefono Azzurro (Organisation involved in child protection, prevention of child abuse and promotion of children's rights). Main issues: school based programmes in education to children's rights; programmes about prevention of sexual abuse; research in television and new technology's impact on children. (June 1996-July 1999).

Consultant in the Italian Resource Centre (UE Leonardo Program) for the promotion of guidance for youths at the European level (March-May 1996).

Group leaderand educator for children and trainer of educators (1991-1995).

Full time educational social worker in “II Centro Anni verdi”, for adolescents at risk  (March 1993-May 1994).


Honours and Prizes

SIPED (Italian Society of Education) 2016 Prize for best book (Dall’Intercultura alla giustizia sociale)

International leadership in Qualitative Health Research, 2012- at Global Congress on Qualitative Health Research, Milan, June 2012

Fulbright Occasional Lecturer Program Award for a Talk at the Harvard Graduate School of Education (October 2009)

Fulbright research Scholar Grant, 2008-2009

University of Trento Grant within EAP (Education Abroad Program), University of California. Los Angeles (2006)

Degree (Master Equivalent) in Education, University of Bologna. summa cum laude with honourable mention “press dignity”, 1993.

1989 award of University  of Bologna Azienda per il diritto allo studio for the best student. Two weeks Grant at Sussex University (U.K.).


Former Chair of “Piero Bertolini Study Centre”(2006-2008) and currently member of the board

Member of the Scientific Board of the Research Center of Phenomenology and Sciences of the Person, at the University of Milan San Raffaele, directed by  Roberta de Monticelli.

Società Italiana di Pedagogia (SIPED) (Italian Society of Education), (1998-present). Elected member of the national board 2003-2006

Member of the Scientific Board of Camina, National Association for Citizenship Education

Member Scholar of the International Institute of Qualitative Methodology, University of Alberta.

AERA member, Div K - Teaching and Teacher Education (2011-2014)

Member of the International Association for Intercultural Education (2007-present, with some interruptions)

CIES – Comparative and International Education Society (2013)


Scholarly Refereeing and Membership of Scientific Boards of International Journals

-       Editor of “Encyclopaideia”, Journal of Phenomenology and Education (2006 –2018)

- Associate editor of Encyclopaideia (2018- present)

-       Member of the editorial board and regular reviewer of the journals:

-        “Qualitative Sociology Review” (edited by Krzysztof Konecki)

-        “Auto/biography”, edited by A. Sparkes (Sage) (2002-present)

-       “Qualitative Health Research” (ed. J. Morse)- Adjunct Editor

-       Consulting Editor of the “Journal of Phenomenological Psychology” (JPP).

-       Member of the Editorial Board of “Phronesis”, scientific journal of the Institut de recherche sur les pratiques éducatives de l'Université de Sherbrooke, Canada.

-       Ad hoc reviewer for: “International Journal of Qualitative methodology”, “Italian Journal of Sociology”

Member of the editorial board of the following book series:

-        “La Melagrana” Franco Angeli (Ed. G. Favaro). Series of intercultural education

-       “Le scienze dell'apprendimento” (ed. U. Margiotta), Franco Angeli

Conference papers presentations

Relazione introduttiva alla conferenza internazionale dell’Academic Network of Global Education and Learning, London UCL Institute of Education, 9 maggio 2019.

Partecipazione alla tavola rotunda di presentazione del volume di Tarozzi & Torres organizzata dal Global Citienship Education Center presso la National Chiao Tung Univeristy, Taipei, Taiwan, 22 marzo 2019.

Invited speaker at National Sun Yat-Sen University, Taiwan. Global citizenship education and the crises of multiculturalism in Europe. 21 Marzo 2019

Invited speker at the GENE International Conference, Building a world of justice and solidarity: Global education in the school system. Lisbon 23 novembre 2018, Higher Education and Research on Global Education

Invited speker at the Europe and North America Regional Global Citizenship Education Network Meeting, organizzato da APCEIU UNESCO 21-22 novembre 2018 in Lisbona.

Invited speaker in the DERC Seminar seires at the Institute of Education, 16 ottobre 2018, Exploring global citizenship teacher education across Europe: A comparative analysis.

Growing challenges to the role of NGOs in promoting Global Citizenship Education:
Perspectives from the changing Italian context
. (with R. Locatelli). ECER 2019, Hamburg

Invited speaker at the National Conference of Cooperation and Development, Italian Ministry of Foreign Affair, Roma 24/1/2018

Invited speaker Policies and practices of GCED in Europe: Results from the research Global schools. At the International conference “Perspectives of Global citizenship”. 11-13/3/2018. Trento, Italy.

Keynote speaker “Global education perspectives and challenges”. At the international conference “Key actors in GCED: Sharing our commitment”. Milano November 8th, 2017

Keynote speaker at the 4th Symposium on Phenomenological Educational Science at Humboldt University Berlin, 18th september 2017. Embodied Education and Education of the Body: The Phenomenological Perspective (with D. Francesconi).

A comparative policy analysis of Global Citizenship Education in 10 European Countries: Exploring the role of multiple political actors. Paper presented at ECER 2017, Copenhagen.

Teaching Global Citizenship Education to the teachers. GCE educational polices in Italy and UK. Paper presented at Teesnet conference, Liverpool 14th/9/2017.

Organizer and speaker of a debate on “Tearcher education in Europe about GCED”, in the UNESCO Forum on Global citizenship education, Ottawa, March 2017.

Chair at the panel discussion "teaching qualitative research" at the International Congress on Qualitative Inquiry, Urbana-Champaign, Ill. May 2016

Invited speaker at 3rd International Symposium on Phenomenological Research in Education, Humboldt-University Berlin, 24th – 26th September 2015: Piero Bertolini and the Italian phenomenological movement in education

Panelist in the plenary session “Groups and community in intercultural health”- 4th Global Congress Qualitative Health Research, Merida, Mexico, marzo 2015

Colloquium with Kathy Charmaz, introduction to the second edition of Constructing Grounded theory. Rovereto, University of Trento, 20 June 2014

Keynote speaker at the 3rd Global Congress of Qualitative Health Research, Qualitative Research Evidence: solutions from three perspectives: Grounded theory, Khon Kaen, Thailand, 5 December 2013

Cross cultural translation and understanding in doing Grounded theory , paper presentato all'International Congress of Qualitative Inquiry (ICQI), University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, Maggio 2013

Educating teachers for social justice in intercultural context . Paper presentato al convegno internazionale Intercultural counselling and education in the global world- Verona, April 15-18, 2013

Educating Political Committed Teachers Working in Urban Multicultural Schools. A Critical Ethnography in Southern California and its Impact in Northern Italy . Paper presentato alla conferenza del CIES, New Orleans, marzo 2013

Training teachers as public intellectuals. Invited paper at the VII International Meeting of the Paulo Freire Forum, Los Angeles, settembre 2012

Chair at the panel discussion “Qualitative Health Research Training: What models is needed for the future? With Chung, Corbin, Poggenpoel, Smith, Milan, Global Congress on Qualitative Health Research, June 2012.

Meditation for health promotion and wellbeing education (con D. Francesconi). International Congress of Qualitative Health Research, Milano, giugno 2012

A qualitative approachDoing Grounded theory in exploring teachers' practices , Association Mondiale de Recherche en Education, Reims, June 2012

Harvard Graduate School of Education: Seminario su invito dal titolo “Inter or Multicultural education or both?”, 27 ottobre 2009 (Fulbright Occasional Lecturer Program Award for an invited talk at Harvard Graduate School of Education).

Relazione nella tavola rotonda internazionale Education Rights And Policies,nell'International Seminar, Minority rights to language and education. Trento, facoltà di Legge, 16 dicembre 2010

Giving voice to the bodily experience. A phenomenological method in researching meditative experience(con D. Francesconi). Relazione alla IHSRC, Seattle, 2010

Key note speaker, alla International Conference on The Key Competence and Educational Innovation in a Global Era, National Taiwan Normal University, Department of Education, novembre 2010.

Relazione su invito alle 11e Journées internationales d'étude: Les pratiques des enseignants face à l'exigence de la réussite: instruire et/ou socialiser?, Université de Sherbrooke, Canada, settembre 2010.

Conferenza su invito, “Phenomenology as a research method”, Paulo Freire Institute nell'ambito delle UCLA Lecture Series, luglio 16, 2009

Luca Ghirotto, Kanaungnit Pongthavornkam, Marilyn Kirshbaum, Massimiliano Tarozzi, Guendalina Graffigna, Karin Olson. Understanding the meaning of fatigue: a cross-cultural study. Poster presentato al MASCC/ISOO 2009 International Symposium, Roma, 25-27 giugno 2009

Conferenza su invito dal titolo “Doing grounded theory in practical fields”, nell'ambito delle MAP lecture Series, Seattle University, 7 ottobre, 2009

Annual Chair's Colloquium, con una conferenza dal titolo “Intercultural education in Europe: A ‘ghost model' for school practice”, Seattle University, 8 ottobre, 2009.

Intervento alla tavola rotonda del Forum Nazionale Analisi Qualitativa, Università Roma Tre, 27 novembre 2009.

Keynote speaker, Educating intercultural citizenship, alla Conferenza Internazionale “ConCrit”, Bologna, 17 May 2008

Translating and doing GT in another language al 7th International Conference on Social Science Methodology. RC33 - Logic and Methodology in Sociology, Napoli, Università Federico II (3 September 2008)

Chair nella sessione Local Developments Features in South Africa, nell'International Conference on “Apparent Anthitesis: Globalisation and LocalDevelopment”. 10 ottobre 2008

2008, University of Trento, School on Local Development.Imagination and Creativity in Grounded Theory method, International Human Science Research Conference (Ramapo College, NJ, 13 June 2008).

Grounded theory in practical contexts: A method that “works” in education , in Grounded theory e dibattito metodologico in Italia, University Cagliari, 11 December 2007

Chaiman della tavola rotonda introduttiva del convegno International Human Science Research Conference, New Frontier of phenomenology. Rovereto, 13 giugno 2007

Tribute to Piero Bertolini , relazione in plenaria all'International Human Science Research Conference, Rovereto, 13 giugno 2007

How does my research question comes about? The impact of funding agencies in formulating research questions , in Advances in Qualitative Methods, Banff, Canada, 22 settembre 2007

Tribute to Piero Bertolini, International Human Science Research Conference, Rovereto, 13 giugno 2007

M.Tarozzi, R.Gris, V.Mazzoni, Phenomenology and Grounded Theory. A dialogue Possible?, International Human Science Research Conference (Pleasant Hill, California, 5 August 2006)

Un conflitto fra senso e pratiche di educazione interculturale. Il caso della scuola trentina al convegno internazionale, IAIE, “Diversity in education in an international context”, (Verona 22 April 2005)

M.Tarozzi, R. Gris, Distilling amazing sense from ordinary meanings. Teachers' conflict between sense and practices of intercultural education International Human Science Research Conference, (Bournemouth, UK 12 August 2005)

Watching television in Italian families. an ethnographic study on 3-6 years-old children television experience (poster) International seminar “Thinking qualitatively”, IIQM a Edmonton, University of Alberta, (28 July 2005)

Exploring teacher narratives. Communication processes in a learning context from a multicultural perspective International Human Science Research Conference, 6 August 2004, Toronto Canada

Narrativity and subject teaching methods in a multicultural context, ECER (European Educational Research Conference), Crete (Greece), 24 September 2004

Educating citizens or human beings? Citizenship education as political acting ECER (European Educational Research Conference), Crete (Greece), 24 September 2004

Guest speaker, as final seminar of DIMPLE (Dissemination and Implementation of Helpdesks for Intercultural Learning Materials) Project, Cracovia (Poland), 8-10 May 2003

Interculturalità e narrazione a scuola paper presented at the international seminar “Cultura e natura nello sviluppo del bambino: studi cross culturali ed etnici a confronto” (Facoltà di Psicologia, II Università di Napoli), Amalfi 6/7 December 2002 (Italy)

Relazione nell'ambito del convegno internazionale “Educazione e politica” (Bologna, 7-9/11/2002), dal titolo “Per un'educazione sostenibile”, all'interno della sessione da me stesso coordinata (“Pedagogia e politica: Diritto e diritti”).

P. Bertolini, M. Tarozzi Perché le scienze dell'educazione all'università?, Annual Conference of the Swiss Society for research in education, University of Geneve, 20-22/9/ 2000

Legislazione o autoregolamentazione? Alcune indicazioni emerse dalla ricerca su bambini e televisione , “Kidscreen 1999 - Violence on the screen”. International seminar on cinema for kids and media education, Como (Italy), 18/10/1999

Researching a multi-cultural context: phenomenological accounts in educational research , 18a IHSRC (International Human Science Research Conference), Sheffield, 28/7/1999

Educating for the Internet. An exploratory research on how children use the Internet at home and in the school , London, II World Summit on Television for Children, 12/3/1998

Guest speaker Presupposti pedagogici agli usi di Internet at the congress “Children, Technologies and Communications” EU Daphne Program, 30/10/1998

From TV to the Internet, New opportunities and new risks for childhood , International Forum for Child Welfare, Faro (Portugal), 9/10/1997).