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Marco Solaroli

Senior assistant professor (fixed-term)

Department of the Arts

Academic discipline: SPS/08 Sociology of Culture and Communication


Keywords: Cultural production Cultural sociology Cultural studies Visual studies Visual culture Visual communication Journalism and news Photojournalism Photography Cultural icons and iconicity Cultural entrepreneurship Social innovation Cultural and creative industries Cultural intermediaries Urban cultures Festivals Prizes and awards Popular music Music subcultures Digital music industry

- Social and cultural theory
- Sociology of culture (in particular: cultural production/ innovation/ consecration)
- Sociology of media and journalism
- Sociology of art and music
- Cultural studies and visual studies

- Visual news-making and global crises (e.g. conflicts, migrations, terrorism, crime)
- Visual culture, icons, and power
- Photography: news, art, (digital) technology
- Mafias in Northern Italy: territorial expansion, entrepreneurial culture, (in)visibility
- Cultural entrepreneurship and social innovation
- Festivals, prizes, cultural value
- Cultural intermediaries in the digital age 
- Music industry and music (sub)cultures