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Marco Montalti

Full Professor

Department of Chemistry "Giacomo Ciamician"

Academic discipline: CHIM/03 General and Inorganic Chemistry

Curriculum vitae

1996: "Laurea" degree in Chemistry cum laude from University of Bologna, with a thesis on photophysical properties of supramolecular systems (catenanes and host-guest systems) under the supervision of Prof. Vincenzo Balzani.
1999: Research assistant at Tulane University, New Orleans (LA, USA) in the laboratory headed by Prof. R. H. Schmehl.
2001: (8 March) Ph.D. in Chemical Sciences from the University of Bologna, with a thesis on fluorescent chemosensors, under the supervision of Prof. Fabrizio Bolletta.
2002: Assistant professor at the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Bologna, working at the Dipartimento di Chimica "G. Ciamician", University of Bologna (Italy).

2014 (15 Settembre) Associate professor at Dipartimento di Chimica "Giacomo Ciamician" dell'Università di Bologna (SC 03/B1, SSD CHIM/03)

2018 (12 Novembre) Professor at Dipartimento di Chimica "Giacomo Ciamician" dell'Università di Bologna (SC 03/B1, SSD CHIM/03)

Since the beginning of his career, he works in the field of supramolecular chemistry and of the investigation of the photophysical processes occuring in supramolecular systems. He started his academic research under the supervision of Prof. Vincenzo Balzani working on self-assembling systems, molecular devices and machines. During that period, he acquired large experience in the characterization of supramolecular systems from the photophysical and electrochemical point of view. 
Subsequently, in collaboration with Prof. Luca Prodi, he started investigating the behaviour of new supramolecular architecture and their potential use as fluorescent chemosensors. This work led to the identification of several interesting systems, among which the first example of magnesium fluorescent probe for intracellular investigation. The results of this research were published in high quality peer reviewed journals and reviewed in frequently cited papers. In 2001, he started a new research project aimed to study the photophysical properties of silica nanoaparticles functionalized with fluorescent dyes, introducing a new method for grafting functional silane derivative to the surface of silica nanoaparticles. The characterization of the resulting materials showed that intermolecular energy and electron transfer takes place between the fluorophore linked to the silica surface. He observed and reported similar results for fluorophores doped silica nanoaparticles. Simultaneously he investigated the interaction of fluorescent molecules with metal nanoparticles, in this field he recently reported the first example of efficient sensitized near-infrared emission by gold nanoparticles. 
He is a member of a research team of the University of Bologna, which received a 1 200 000 Euro grant from the Italian research ministry (project LATEMAR, 2005-2009) for the development of microarrays for genomics and proteomics.
In association with two colleagues, he is a founder partner of the spin-off company Cyanagen s.r.l., which researches and produces luminescent probes and labels, which was financed by the Ministries of Industry and Research within the "FAR - sostegno alla ricerca industriale - DM 593 8 agosto 2000, art. 11", (DD n.224/Ric, 11/2/2003) grants.
He is co-author of mre than 130 publications in international journal and of the “Handbook of photochemistry”, which collects and summarizes the photophysical and photochemical data for organic and inorganic compounds published up to 2005.
He is co-author of 7 national and international patent applications
He presented many contributions to national and international scientific conferences
His h-index is 50. 

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