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Marco Cavalazzi

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Progetto RAPIDA, Ravenna, Pinewood, and Dante: Dante's Pinewood; landscape, climate, and environment in the coastland of Ravenna

The project RAPIDA started. Follow it on the blog: 

The research was born from a collaboration between dr. Marco Cavalazzi (University of Bologna) and dr. Daniele Bortoluzzi (University of Milano). The project has been first funded by the Foundation “del Monte di Bologna e Ravenna” and the Center for the Study of “Romandiola Nord Occidentale”. The objective is to study and valorise the Ravenna’s Pineta and the region around for what they represented as locus amoenus in Dante’s Comedy and in the following European literary history till the present, focusing also on the relationships between Man and Environment in Dante’s Age.



Pubblicato il: 20 aprile 2020