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Marco Antonio Boschetti

Associate Professor

Department of Mathematics

Academic discipline: SECS-S/06 Mathematical Methods of Economics, Finance and Actuarial Sciences


Keywords: management science business analytics sustainable mobility optimization for logistics optimization for human resources combinatorial optimization mathematical programming optimization on graph exact methods heuristic methods

The research activities are focused on the development of new models and exact and heuristic methods for solving problems of real-world sizes and complexities arising in management and computer science, following an interdisciplinary approach among the areas of mathematics, economics and computer science.

The problems considered include applications in logistics, project management, production, human resources, etc. The research also considers more theoretical and general problems such as set partitioning, set covering and set packing, which can be used to model important real-world problems. An interesting area is the development of new metaheuristic algorithms based on mathematical programming, called matheuristics.

Marco Antonio Boschetti has been involved in many projects as a consultant to develop models and algorithms for several applications, in particular to optimize business processes.

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