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Marcella Brusa

Full Professor

Department of Physics and Astronomy "Augusto Righi"

Academic discipline: FIS/05 Astronomy and Astrophysics


Keywords: AGN evolution X-rays multiwavelength surveys Active Galactic Nuclei

- multiwavelength surveys of AGN 

- galaxy-AGN coevolution, outflows and AGN feedback

- obscured AGN and contribution to the X-ray background 

- AGN physics through Iron Kalpha line studies 

Research track record
I have played a major role in the last 10 years in the planning, execution, and scientific exploitation of several leading X-ray and multi-wavelength surveys (HELLAS2XMM, COSMOS, CDFS, among others), which led to world-wide recognized results (see list of publications).
Most of my work in the past years has been devoted to data reduction and analysis of X–ray data and multi-wavelength catalogs in the COSMOS field. I have been involved in the data analysis and reduction of XMM-Newton observations, leading, among others, to publications on the X-ray logN-logS (Cappelluti, Brusa et al. 2009), and on the multi-wavelength properties of X-ray sources (Brusa et al. 2007, 2010). My scientific interest in the COSMOS field (extended also to the deep observations in the Chandra Deep Fields, CDFS and CDFN) was mainly the search, the study and the characterization of the most obscured sources at z∼ 1− 2 and their host galaxies, both directly selected in the X–rays (Brusa et al. 2003, Brusa et al. 2005, Brusa et al. 2007; Brusa et al. 2009b; Brusa et al. 2010; Mainieri et al. 2011) or revealed through stacking analysis in infrared selected samples of candidate obscured AGN (Brusa et al. 2002, Fiore et al. 2008; 2009; Luo et al. 2011). More recently, I focused my research on the high-redshift X-ray selected population (Brusa et al. 2009a, Civano, Brusa et a. 2011). By means of studying average spectral properties of deep fields sources, I was also able to exclude a significant evolution in the equivalent width (and therefore in the iron abundance) of AGN with cosmological redshift (Brusa, Gilli & Comastri 2005; recently extended in the work by Chaudhary, Brusa et al. 2010, 2012).

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