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Manuela Gallerani

Full Professor

Department of Education Studies "Giovanni Maria Bertin"

Academic discipline: M-PED/01 Pedagogy, Theories of Education and Social Education


Keywords: Capability Approach and empowerment World Citizenship and Intercultural Learning Lifelong/lifewide/lifedeep Learning Competencies and "learn to learn" Human Right and empowerment Epistemological Approaches in XX-XXI Century Medical Humanities and cure/caring work Gender Equality and Reducing Inequalities cure/care work professional Montessori approach

The studies and research -  deals with theoretical (philosophy of education) and empirical (didactics) motivation  of critical rationalism deriving from Pedagogical Problematicism - focus on two different aspects: on one side the epistemological and planning foundation of formative and curricular repertoires of intercultural kind, according to an integrated formative system which aims at an active and global citizenship; on the other side the epistemological and methodological concept of competence as related to the dynamics of formative processes in adult life (lifelong learning and lifelong-lifewide learning) regarding in particular gender differences