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Luciano Cavani

Associate Professor

Department of Agricultural and Food Sciences

Academic discipline: AGR/13 Agricultural Chemistry


Caterina Giacometti, Martina Mazzon * , Luciano Cavani , Claudio Ciavatta, Claudio Marzadori, A Nitrification Inhibitor, Nitrapyrin, Reduces Potential Nitrate Leaching through Soil Columns Treated with Animal Slurries and Anaerobic Digestate, «AGRONOMY», 2020, 10, pp. 1 - 10 [Scientific article]Open Access

TOSELLI M, BALDI E, CAVANI L, SORRENTI G, Nutrient management in fruit crops: An organic way., in: Fruit crops. Diagnosis and management of nutrient constraints, Amsterdam, Elsevier, 2020, pp. 379 - 392 [Chapter or essay]

Fabio Valentinuzzi, Luciano Cavani, Carlo Porfido, Roberto Terzano, Youry Pii, Stefano Cesco, Claudio Marzadori, Tanja Mimmo, The fertilising potential of manure-based biogas fermentation residues: pelleted vs. liquid digestate, «HELIYON», 2020, 6, pp. 1 - 15 [Scientific article]Open Access

Buscaroli, Enrico; Sciubba, Luigi; Falsone, Gloria; Cavani, Luciano; Brecchia, Matteo; Argese, Emanuele; Marzadori, Claudio; Pourrut, Bertrand; Braschi, Ilaria, Calcium chloride washing of calcareous sediment from a freshwater canal: effect on the removal of potentially toxic elements and water aggregate stability, «JOURNAL OF SOILS AND SEDIMENTS», 2019, 19, pp. 3098 - 3107 [Scientific article]

Grigatti Marco; Cavani Luciano; Di Biase Giampaolo; Ciavatta Claudio, Current and residual phosphorous availability from compost in a ryegrass pot test, «SCIENCE OF THE TOTAL ENVIRONMENT», 2019, 677, pp. 250 - 262 [Scientific article]

Moreno Toselli, Elena Baldi, Luciano Cavani, Martina Mazzon, Maurizio Quartieri, Giovambattista Sorrenti, Claudio Marzadori, Soil-plant nitrogen pools in nectarine orchard in response to long-term compost application, «SCIENCE OF THE TOTAL ENVIRONMENT», 2019, 671, pp. 10 - 18 [Scientific article]

Modesto M., Di Paola M., Quagliariello A., Sansosti C., Cavani L., Prati G.M., Fornari F., De Filippo C., Mattarelli P., A pilot study of the role of corn dextrin and milk peptides supplementation on faecal microbiota in healthy adults, in: Food Micro 2018 - 26th International ICFMH Conference, 2018, pp. 133 - 133 (atti di: Food Micro 2018 - 26th International ICFMH Conference, Berlin, Germany, 3 – 6 SEPTEMBER 2018) [Contribution to conference proceedings]

Mazzon, Martina; Cavani, Luciano; Margon, Alja; Sorrenti, Giovambattista; Ciavatta, Claudio; Marzadori, Claudio, Changes in soil phenol oxidase activities due to long-term application of compost and mineral N in a walnut orchard, «GEODERMA», 2018, 316, pp. 70 - 77 [Scientific article]

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Morozova, Ksenia; Andreotti, Carlo; Armani, Mariachiara; Cavani, Luciano; Cesco, Stefano; Cortese, Luca; Gerbi, Vincenzo; Mimmo, Tanja; Spena, Pasquale Russo; Scampicchio, Matteo, Indirect effect of glyphosate on wine fermentation studied by microcalorimetry, «JOURNAL OF THERMAL ANALYSIS AND CALORIMETRY», 2017, 127, pp. 1351 - 1360 [Scientific article]

Cavani, Luciano; Margon, Alja; Sciubba, Luigi; Ciavatta, Claudio; Marzadori, Claudio, What we talk about when we talk about protein hydrolyzate-based biostimulants, «AIMS AGRICULTURE AND FOOD», 2017, 2, pp. 221 - 232 [Scientific article]Open Access

Claudio Marzadori; Luciano Cavani, Controllo della reazione del suolo, in: Fertilizzazione sostenibile, Milano, Edagricole - Edizioni Agricole di New Bussiness Msedia srl, 2016, pp. 165 - 191 [Chapter or essay]

Cavani, Luciano; Manici, Luisa M.; Caputo, Francesco; Peruzzi, Elisabetta; Ciavatta, Claudio, Ecological restoration of a copper polluted vineyard: Long-term impact of farmland abandonment on soil bio-chemical properties and microbial communities, «JOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT», 2016, 182, pp. 37 - 47 [Scientific article]

Ribeiro, E. M. P.; Mello, P. B.; Ciavatta, C.; Cavani, L., Energy and enviromental adavtagees of using leather fertilizer, «REVISTA IBERO-AMERICANA DE CIÊNCIAS AMBIENTAIS», 2016, 7, pp. 147 - 155 [Scientific article]

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