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Lucia Corrain

Associate Professor

Department of Cultural Heritage

Academic discipline: L-ART/04 Museology, Art and Restoration Criticism


Keywords: Enunciation Teoria dell'arte Plastic Semiotic Art

- The work of art and the observer: construction, continuity and change from the past to the contemporary. - The structure of enunciation of works of art: the registration form authoring. - The size of plastic work of art: structuring and construction in history.

The research themes conducted in the past few years concern representation, in particular that of food in painting; and the scientific botanical representation.

A theme investigated is that concerning the relationship between contemporaneity and the past that has led to the publication of the book Il velo dell’arte. Una rete di immagini tra passato e contemporaneità, la casa Usher, Firenze-Lucca 2016.

The problem of the observer-spectator of art is one aspect that characterizes a large part of scientific production and continues to be of great interest to my studies.

The relationship between different media, that is to say how a different medium can modify a given artistic object, is another theme I deal with.

Cataloging of the museum heritage.