Foto del docente

Luca Roffia

Junior assistant professor (fixed-term)

Department of Electrical, Electronic, and Information Engineering "Guglielmo Marconi"

Academic discipline: ING-INF/05 Information Processing Systems


Keywords: sensors mobile devices Internet of Things context aware systems computer architecture embedded software Web of Things interoperability Linked Data Semantic Web

My research interests are in the fields of Embedded Systems, Context Aware Computing, Smart Environments,  Semantic Web, Linked Data and Web of Things. In the past, I have been investigating on the application of Information and Communication Technologies in the Cultural Heritage domain for content presentation and delivery by using sensor based context aware multimedia guides. Currently, I am involved in researches on the design and implementation of software architectures for the development of dynamic Linked Data applications, focusing on information interoperability and applications design. The main outcome is a software solution named SEPA (SPARQL Event Processing Architecture), implementing a content-based publish-subscribe mechanism powered by Semantic Web technologies (like OWL, RDF, SPARQL). SEPA supports the development of IoT gateways and can be used to support the development of distributed applications within the Web of Things.